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Why You Need a Wedding Video

This post originally appeared as "Moving Pictures" on our old blog, Born to be a Bride.

Josh and I had a lovely three-day weekend peppered with yoga, dinner parties, TV breaks, and plenty of wine. And while it was all fun, I believe my list of favorite moments is topped by Friday night’s stay-in. We had a casual dinner out and then came home to nosh on ice cream and watch our full-length wedding video. (If you’re interested, and haven’t yet seen it, you can watch the short film here.)


Brides-to-be: I have to give you this piece of advice. The video can be pricey, but you should do everything possible to make it happen. We went with a company I absolutely love and the results far exceeded our expectations. The wedding is in the recent past and there is a lot we remember. Still, we were giggling and cuddling as we watched moments unfold on screen that both of us were either too busy or too anxious that day to notice and remember in our own minds. Capturing the images and words in this way is so important.

We went with Kiss the Bride Films, a company that turns your special day into an actual movie. It’s absolutely surreal. But even if you go a more budget-friendly route, make sure you get it on video. We plan to watch ours every anniversary and any other time we need a rush of emotion. Even just four months later, we were bowled over with laughter as we watched our best man and maid of honor deliver their speeches, and observed our artful first dance from the eyes of the audience. And I had a steady stream of tears as I watched us exchange our vows. It was pure magic.

Check out Kiss the Bride Films here. And if you go that route, you won’t be sorry!

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