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Our Life in Rose Gold : On life and love, ribbons and pearls, decor and bubbles... 


Born to be a Bride was my first blog, born out of a passion for weddings and narrated during my own engagement. After the honeymoon had ended and the next phase of life began, the blog naturally became a lot more about babies than baubles, homes than venues, and registries of another kind. 


A post called They Should’ve Warned Me went viral about 6 weeks after the birth of our first daughter, and I felt stuck with the bridal blog name as that’s how we were known. But after our second baby girl was born, I figured out how to “marry” the two concepts — still a lifestyle blog with pops of bridal inspiration, we’d become something new and it deserves its own name. 


Inspired by the names of my two sweet girls, Willow Primrose and Marigold Takara (nicknamed Rosie & Goldie), is Our Life in Rose Gold. On fashion and beauty, on the happy and hard truths of motherhood. On shiplap and mishaps, floral arrangements and diaper bags. It’s life. As a girl mom, a wife, and now a southerner with Long Island roots. 


Here we play with texture and color, dream big and cry when we need to. This blog has become a sort of journal to me and I welcome you all into our world, into our life in rose gold. Where things might not always be perfect, but I try like heck to see it all through rose(gold) colored glasses. 



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