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Shopping For Engagement Rings? Here Are 3 Ways To Tackle It

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Popping the question to that special someone is a moment that you will both cherish for the rest of your life together. Although proposals don’t need to be about the size and cost of the engagement ring, the ring is symbolic of your love and commitment to one another and so finding the perfect one to represent your relationship is still an important part of your proposal. Your engagement ring is a very personal choice and there are so many choices and things out there so you will need to look at the best place to buy engagement rings, so here are three ways that you can tackle it. 

The surprise - spy on their style In film and fairytale proposals always seem to occur spontaneously with the lucky receiver completely surprised when their other half drops to one knee and presents them with the engagement ring. Suprise proposals can be magical but choosing a ring for your other half without giving the game away can be tricky. To make sure you find them a ring they’ll love spy on their style to see the kind of jewelry they already wear, do they prefer warm yellow gold over the cooler tones of silver or white gold? Do they opt for minimalistic designs or are they partial to something a little more elaborate? Once you have determined the style of jewelry your partner likes its time to find their ring size by sneakily borrowing one of their current rings and taking it into a jewelers shop. At the end of the day, what makes a proposal so special is the commitment it represents and the thought you have put into the process and your partner is bound to love whatever you pick out.

Go vintage - diamonds are forever Diamonds and other precious stones are timeless, they don’t lose value and some would say they even get better with age. As an alternative to buying an engagement ring new from a jeweler, why not look in vintage or antique shops and give a ring a second, third or even fourth, chance to be cherished. Vintage engagement rings often come in a far broader range of styles and colors than those found new in jewelers shops and there’s something very romantic about picking up something that has been used a symbol of love for generations. If you aren’t choosing a surprise proposal then spend a day looking for the perfect ring together, you may find something completely unexpected and end up with a style or combination of antique gemstones that you may never have considered before.

Enjoy the process together - create something unique

For many couples, their engagement is something that they plan together, giving them the opportunity to find a ring that is special to both of them. Perhaps the ultimate way to create something truly unique is through a concierge for engagement rings. An engagement ring concierge service allows you to work together as a couple to design and create a one of a kind engagement ring that fits both your design preference and budget. A concierge service can take the pressure off of ring hunting and help you, as a couple, to sit back and enjoy the magic of a proposal.

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