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Tips For Throwing A Great Bridal Shower

A bridal shower isn’t something that every bride throws, but it’s something that’s certainly become more popular to have over the years. It’s something you usually do in between the hen party and the day of the wedding itself as a celebration for the bride to spend time with her friends and family. It usually involves some games, as well as drinking and perhaps presents, depending on whether the bride asks for them or not. If you want to throw a bridal shower for yourself or on behalf of a bride to be, here are some tips for throwing the best bridal shower.

Set A Date

A date is an important element of throwing the bridal shower because you need to have it at the right point. If it’s too close to the wedding, then you’re going to likely be too stressed out to enjoy the experience, or as the party planner, you’re going to have a bride who isn’t fully present and more importantly, enjoying the moment. If it’s too early, then it can seem like you’re jumping the gun on it, so it’s good to find out a date from the bride. If you’re planning it yourself, then try and come to a decision on a date that works best for you. For the most part, a weekend date works well and either a Saturday or Sunday afternoon would probably be the best timings depending on what you have planned. Try and make sure that this date is set in stone ahead of time because like your wedding and bachelorette party, you want to make sure everyone can make it and therefore you have the best experience possible.

Personalize Your Invitations

Your invitations are a bit like those for the wedding. If you’re planning it on behalf of the bride, then you might want to ask her whether she has invitations that are cohesive with the rest of the wedding stationery and make sure you get some idea of a budget to spend on everything. As much as this is a bridal shower about the bride, it’s their responsibility to pay for it. By personalizing the invitations, it makes it more intimate and personal for all those that are being invited, rather than simply getting an e-invite or simple Facebook message asking them if they want to go.

Find A Good Location

The location is one of the most important elements when planning any event, and you want to ensure first and foremost that it’s able to accommodate the number of people you’re inviting. Holding it at the bride’s home is a good idea, but if you’re inviting thirty people, then some properties might not be able to fit all those people comfortably. That’s why it’s worth looking for a good location before committing yourself to inviting too many. If you’re planning it, then it’s worth speaking to the bride about what it is they’re after and then plan accordingly with that in mind.

Keep The Invite List To A Minimum

The invitation list is one thing you need to keep to a minimum, even if there’s an unlimited budget and the bride has lots of friends. This is because it can quickly become like a second wedding and you really only want close friends and family members there. Try to stick to a limit when it comes to numbers and try to whittle those numbers down when you’ve finalized them. Chances are, you’re going to end up wanting to invite too many people, and it can just make it a nightmare to plan. A good size for a bridal shower is about 15-20 people. Remember that you’ll want to be able to chat to everyone and that too many can spoil the intimate atmosphere.

Organize Party Favors Or Goodie Bags

And finally, as a bride inviting guests to a shower whether presents or a new outfit to wear might require money being spent, it’s good for the host to provide goodie bags or party favors. They don’t need to be too extravagant, but it’s just a way of saying thank you for coming. There are lots of bridal shower party favors that you can draw inspiration from. Try to make it personal for the bride and something that the guests will appreciate.

Planning a bridal shower is another element to an already stressful process. If you want a shower but don’t have the time, transfer that responsibility to one of your bridal party members.


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