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Kitchen Or Bathroom: Which Should You Remodel First?

You’ve decided you want to remodel your kitchen and your bathroom - but which should you renovate first? Both can be expensive and disruptive projects, making it difficult to carry out both at the same time. Most owners have no choice but to prioritize one. But which project should you prioritize? This post takes a look at some of the different reasons to choose each renovation.

Why remodel your kitchen?

Remodeling your kitchen first may make sense if you’re a keen baker or you love cooking. It could be a chance to build a more practical space that will help you to nurture your culinary passion. Of course, even if you don’t love cooking, a kitchen remodel could still be useful if you love entertaining people - the kitchen is often a place where guests congregate and so you may want to prioritize this room if you’re going to be inviting over a lot of guests. 

Meanwhile, if you’re thinking of selling your home and you’re looking to add the most value you can to your property, a kitchen remodel could be a good project to prioritize. While both a new bathroom and a new kitchen can add value, a new kitchen tends to push the price tag up more. It costs more than a bathroom remodel, but also has a better ROI. 

If your kitchen is in greater disrepair than your bathroom, this may also be another reason to opt for a bathroom remodel first. Damaged flooring, scuffed up countertops and ancient/faulty appliances all could be good reasons to invest in a new kitchen. Companies like Zobel and Co. kitchen designers can help you build a fresher and more modern kitchen.

Why remodel your bathroom?

Is your bathroom purely a functional space? Or is it a place of relaxation? If you enjoy long solitary baths - more so than cooking and entertaining - it could make sense to prioritize a bathroom remodel. You’ll also be able to use this room to de-stress if you do eventually get round to remodeling your kitchen.

Although it depends on how luxurious you go with your design, bathroom remodels are typically cheaper than kitchen remodels.They are easier to pull off on a tighter budget - which could be something to consider if you can’t afford a hefty loan.

You may also want to prioritize a bathroom remodel if your bathroom is in greater disrepair than your kitchen. If the fixtures are all scratched, the taps are all mottled and the grout on your tiles is crumbling, it may be a better idea to remodel your bathroom first. This guide at Your DIY Family offers some tips on how to make an old bathroom feel brand new. 


Love cooking/socializing or want to maximize your return? A kitchen remodel is the best option for you. Love relaxing baths or got a tighter budget to work with? Opt for a bathroom remodel. Alternatively, which is in more desperate need of revamping. Which can you delay and which one needs more urgent attention?


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