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Breathing Easier with a 3-in-1 Convertible Crib from BreathableBaby

The minute you become a parent, the first and only thing that seems to matter is their safety. For many like me, this means an overt obsession with safe sleep from Day One. Now that Reed is tiptoeing out of the baby stage into full-on toddlerhood and exploring his little world, we knew it was time for a new sleep space that would grow with him. Enter the Breathable Mesh 3-in-1 Convertible Crib by BreathableBaby.

Unlike a standard crib, theirs offers breathable mesh panels at the sides that keep little arms and legs safe inside, bar- and bumper-free. If you’re like me, there have been nights when you had trouble sleeping yourself, wondering if Baby was comfy and OK. Even now that Reed is a toddler, I do breeze through his room sometimes and check that he’s still breathing. It’s just something we do. I only wish we’d discovered this crib when he was tiny, because the safety factor would have made me feel more confident switching him from the bassinet sooner. 

We are using the Breathable Baby 3-in-1 Convertible Crib in the toddler bed configuration which he’s absolutely loving. one. The best part is it doesn’t have a larger footprint than a crib so his small room still has plenty of play and creative space. To move to the toddler setup, stage “3” of that 3-in-1, it’s an easy switch. We just removed one side and added the rail from the Conversion Kit and it was a breeze! This required no tools and we didn’t even need to get a mattress as the standard crib-size mattress works in stage 3.

baby crib mesh sides in pale blue room
Here is the 3-in-1 in Crib Stage 2, for bigger babies after the newborn stage

I would have loved having Reed in this bed as an actual crib too, without having to worry about hand and foot ouchies – or pacifiers going missing in the night! On the highest setting, it’s ready for Baby on Night One. And, as AAP sleep safety standards suggest that Baby room in with you for the first 6-12 months, its size and look make it a great fit for the primary bedroom. You can keep the crib in with you and not feel crowded by it, and as a bonus, it won’t cramp your style.

Speaking of how it looks, I hate to be superficial, but can we talk about that for a sec? Clean, modern lines with a minimalist point of view make this baby and toddler bed, which comes in 8 colors, a beautiful addition to any nursery or “big kid room.” We were torn on colors because they’re all lovely and would adapt to any space, but went with the beech with chalkboard panels at both ends. (More on that chalkboard in a moment). 

In Reed’s pale blue and white escape from the wide world, the neutral wood offers just the right amount of style to complement the Upscale Coastal vibe we’d planned since my pregnancy. But we love that it would look just as lovely in a pink fairytale princess room, a modern monochrome nursery, or any other theme you could dream of. When investing in furniture for Baby, it’s nice to know you can use it again for another child in a different room and it’ll still shine. 

Back to that chalkboard. Toddlerhood and little kid years should be fun, right? This fabulous 3-in-1 convertible crib features two colorways that offer something special: a chalkboard on two sides that let your little one be creative and decorate in their own space without ruining your walls or carpet. My kids love art and the girls were super jealous of Reed’s cool new bed with the chalkboard panels. We keep a small bench that I picked up at Ross at the foot of his bed with toys inside; adding some nontoxic, dust-free chalk to the toy box was a highlight for Reed and his sisters, and provides fun on a lazy, rainy day or any time we’re cooped up.

If you’re putting together a baby registry, I highly recommend adding this crib to it for Baby’s comfort and your peace of mind from the first night. But even if your baby is earthside already, or like us you’ve been shopping for a toddler bed, do not sleep on this option. (See what I did there?) Pick out your favorite color, assemble it in 30 minutes or less, and thank me later.

Sweet dreams to you and your adorable family, from me, mine, and the magic of BreathableBaby!


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