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3 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Updated: Aug 25

When it comes to remodelling your home to accommodate your family, you want to not only make sure the final result benefits your family but also adds value to your home. Also, if you are able to remodel instead of moving home, this could be a great way to stay where you are and create the home you have always wanted without having to uproot and move to a different location.

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Adding value to your home is quite easy to do. There are a few different options you can undertake to make sure you make the most of the space you have as well increasing value should you decide to sell in the future.


Creating a functional family bathroom is essential especially if you only have one bathroom at home. Think a space that is welcoming and relaxing but also safe for young children and easy to maintain. Whilst a shower is the easiest option for adults, it isn't always the best option for children. However, a shower over your bath could serve your family well, as could the addition of a heated towel rail and storage cabinets that can be locked. This will help you keep small fingers away from items they shouldn't be touching. When it comes to keeping your bathroom clean, it might be best to consider having fully tiled walls and a softer easy to clean flooring.

There are many pros to remodel a bathroom, especially if you are able to increase the size by expanding into another room, or even creating an ensuite in the master bedroom.


One of the best rooms to remodel in a family home is the kitchen, and a kitchen refitted well can add value to your home.

Create a functional kitchen in your home for your family by adding flush cupboards that easy to wipe clean from spills and sticky fingers and remove protruding handles to reduce little ones hurting themselves. Install integrated appliances so you can keep things out of reach easier and hidden away.

One great idea to think about when you are looking at a new kitchen is to see if you can extend outwards and create extra space. This will give you more room for an open plan kitchen diner if you wish or even a fully open plan ground floor design.

Open your kitchen up with sliding doors to create the ultimate entertaining space for guests as you can open your home to your garden.

Swimming Pools

A nice garden can add a lot of value to your property and if you really want to improve your outdoor space, you should think big. Swimming pools can add up to 7% to the value of your home, and they are an amazing feature to have. Installing custom swimming pools and spas in the garden gives you a luxury feature to enjoy on those hot days. There’s nothing better than getting up in the morning and cooling off with a nice dip. You can also turn it into a great entertaining area if you put some furniture out there and build some decking.

If you ever eventually come to sell the house, people will be so impressed when they see the pool in the backyard and it’s often the thing that sets your home apart from others on the market. But it’s important that you look after your pool properly if you want to benefit from it. If you neglect it, algae will start growing and the pool will become dirty and unusable. You will run into issues if you don’t maintain the pumps too. A badly maintained pool will actually reduce the value of your home because potential buyers see it as a problem they have to solve. But if you look after it, the value of your home will shoot up.

Extra Rooms

Adding an extra room to your home is always a great idea, especially with a growing family. Going down into the basement or up into the loft will afford you the opportunity to add extra living space. Use this for an office area, extra bedroom, playroom for the children or even a home gym or laundry room. There are many possibilities when you add an extra room to your home to help it grow as your family grows.

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