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How To Stay Warm In Your Bedroom This Winter

Winter is coming, and so too is the cold air and chilly atmosphere. Now is the time to work on our homes, as by taking a few small steps, we will be able to stay warm and cozy in our living spaces. This is especially important in the bedroom, as without the perfect sleep environment, we won't get the rest we need, and we won't do our health any favors either.

So, to make sure you stay warm in your bedroom this winter, here are a few suggestions we hope you find useful.

#1: Let the sunlight in

There will be a little bit of sunlight coming in throughout the day, so while you can't expect summer levels of heat, you will be able to boost the temperature a little. So, open your curtains wide to let as much sun in as possible, or purchase a set of automatic awnings that will open as soon as the sun starts to shine. When you can warm your bedroom up in such a way, you will be less reliant on your heating. To retain the heat that the sun can give, follow the next point.

#2: Check for drafts

You will lose all of the heat that the sun gives you, and a portion of the heat from your home heating systems, if there are gaps in your bedroom windows. To ensure the heat stays within your bedroom, fix any draft areas as soon as possible. If you can afford it, a new renovation might do the trick, with brand new windows and a new set of frames. Of course, with Christmas coming up, you will be keen to save money, so you might want to use these insulating tips instead.

#3: Change your bedding

Swap out the cotton sheets you may have used on your bed during the summer, and opt for fleece, soft flannel, or any of these comfortable bed sheets that are perfect for the winter. Consider the same materials for your pillowcases (although most will come in a set), and add extra layers of blankets on top, and even an electric blanket to keep your bed warm and toasty. For very cold nights, you might also consider a heated mattress pad, which is a good way to warm up the entirety of your bed from beneath your sheets.

#4: Buy some new pajamas

To retain your body heat, you might want to ditch your thinly-layered cotton pajamas for something warmer during the winter months. Warm flannel pajamas or something fleecy should do the trick, or even a onesie if you want to be covered from head to toe. You will then be warm as toast in bed, and you will retain some of that heat when you're hopping, skipping, and jumping downstairs for breakfast in the morning.

#5: Snuggle up to something

If you're lucky enough to have a partner to snuggle up with, get up close to them when you're in bed, as you'll benefit from their body heat. If you don't have a partner, you could always snuggle up to a hot water bottle instead, but remember to attach a covering to it so you don't burn yourself during the night.

So, there you have it, 5 useful ways to stay warm in your bedroom this winter! Take care, and thanks for reading!


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