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Turn Your Bedroom Into The Perfect Sleep Environment

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

There are lots of ways to get a better night’s sleep from changing one’s bedtime routine to eliminating stress from our lives. However, one factor that can often get overlooked is the type of environment that we sleep in. Taking a few steps to make your bedroom cosier and cleaner could drastically improve your sleep quality. Here are just a few different improvements that could be worth making.

Upgrade your bed and mattress

The most obvious thing that you can do to make your bedroom a better sleep environment is to invest in a decent bed and mattress.

Beds come in all shapes and sizes. While some people like headboards and footboards, others may find these restrictive (especially if you’re tall). Having a bed that doesn’t creak loudly whenever you turn over could also be important.

Mattresses are the biggest thing that will affect your comfort. Often it’s a matter of personal preference as to whether you feel more comfortable on a firm mattress or a soft mattress. By going to a mattress store, you can try out different options to find the best mattress for you.

You may also want to upgrade your bedding. The likes of Egyptian cotton can help to make your sheets feel much softer. It could even be worth upgrading your pillow – there are so many fillings to choose from including memory foam, feathers, latex and wool.

Block out the light

Most of us find it much easier to sleep in total darkness. Make sure that you’re not getting woken up by the first hint of sunlight by buying some opaque blinds or curtains. Shutters and blackout blinds can often guarantee complete darkness.

Opt for a calming color scheme

The color scheme of your bedroom could also make an impact. Colors like blues, greys and greens are naturally calming and are ideal for the bedroom.

By contrast colors like red, orange and yellow are often best avoided. These colors are naturally energizing, making them better suited to room like the living room and kitchen.

Cull the clutter

Is your bedroom full of clutter? A cluttered environment can often provoke feelings of anxiety, which could be preventing you from getting to sleep as easily.

Consider taking the time to declutter your bedroom. There are lots of ways to creatively use storage as found in these Tips For Organizing Your Master Bedroom that could help to hide your clutter from sight. Make sure that you’re also getting rid of items – clothes, make-up and toiletries can be big sources of bedroom clutter.

Regulate the temperature

Finding a way to more easily control the temperature in your bedroom could also help you to sleep.

One way to do this could be to adopt a smart HVAC system. This could allow you to control the temperature of your bedroom from your bed using your phone. An additional benefit of a smart HVAC system is that you will save money and energy on your monthly utility bills, whether you have standard or fixed rate electricity.

You can also regulate temperature by having the right bedding options available. Consider having a thick duvet and thin blanket on the bed at the same time so that you can switch between the two depending on the temperature.

Grow indoor houseplants

Growing plants in the bedroom has been found to boost sleep quality. Plants provide a fresh source of oxygen and are able to purify the air. Some plants are also able to produce sleep-inducing scents to help you fall asleep more easily. This guide The Best Plants For Your Bedroom offers more information.

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