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How to Honeymoon in Italy -- By Born to be a Bride

This post originally appeared as "Dreaming of Italy" on our old blog, Born to be a Bride.

Ever since Josh and I touched down in Dallas after our two-week Italian honeymoon seven months ago, I’ve had repeated dreams (of both the sleeping and waking varieties) about the magic we experienced there. The honeymoon is such a lovely tradition. I know tons of couples who waited six months or even a year to do their big blowout honeymoon, a great way to lengthen the celebration and keep things new. For us, after all the exhaustion, leaving the day after the wedding was a perfect fit.

Ever since I started learning Italian in middle school, Lake Como has held a magical place in my dreams. It was my sincerest wish to make it there one day, and what better day than right after your wedding? Josh planned a spectacular trip for us. There’s still so much of Italy I want to see — Rome, Venice, and more than just the outlets in Milan, to name a few. But our Lake Como — Lake Maggiore — Tuscan Coast stay was perfect for a couple of American honeymooners looking for sun, water, wine, and pasta di riso (who said a Celiac can’t have fun in the carb capital of the world?).

Today, it’s chilly outside and my mind is wandering to that Tuscan sun that browned me up in no time. Since the honeymoon is all I can think of, and Joshy and I don’t plan to return to Il Pellicano until our two-year anniversary, I thought I’d take you on a little trip with me down Via Ricordi (that’s “Memory Lane” to you).

Our first day in Lake Como — it took hours to find the hotel thanks to my brand-new husband’s over-exuberance, the winding roads, and my elementary-at-best Italian. But as soon as we arrived, it was all sunshine and wine. This is the face of a bride RELAXED for the very first time in months.
Fresh fish at Lake Como, first meal of the trip.
Our hotel in Como had a garden out back, perfect for bringing one last glass of wine and giggling into the late hours.
29 and feeling fine… The best birthday ever started with a private boat tour around the lake, followed by lunch and shopping in Bellaggio. And finally, a gluten-free dessert and a few rounds of Tanti Auguri!
We loved the castles in Lake Maggiore, including the one we stayed in. But truth be told, the best part was the people-watching. And the gelato, natch.
Make sure when booking your hotel(s) to tell EVERYONE it’s your honeymoon. We got so much complimentary champagne, and had so many floral hearts, it was ridiculous!
The first half of our journey amazed, but Il Pellicano is what dreams are made of. We started off our week there with champagne and peaches on our private balcony overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea.
Oh, and about that sea… we spent the rest of the trip just staring at it. And of course dipping in from time to time.
Every night after soaking in the sun all day, we’d shower and then have some wine in our robes before heading to one of the incredible on-site restaurants, including the famed 2-star Michelin spot aptly named Il Pellicano.
It was at that very restaurant where I had the most divine meal of my life thus far, featuring a saffron and black squid ink risotto with fresh flowers. Josh dined on house-made spaghetti with beet cream and lobster carpaccio.
I’d never seen the moon reflect so brightly on water. This nightly treat brought tears, especially at the end of the trip.
With this handsome guy by my side, I know I’m up for a lifetime of adventure. Our last day on the Tuscan Coast was bittersweet, but we couldn’t stop smiling.
We drove North to Milan the next morning and spent a few hours stocking up on designer duds at the outlets. Then, one last supper — it was Fashion Week and the streets were flooded with chic people all in black. What a great way to transition back into real life. Cheers!


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