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Here’s How to Make Your Home Healthier

Do you always seem to feel lethargic or generally “run down” when you’re at home, yet you can’t quite pinpoint the reason why? Plus, have you ever noticed that you feel more energetic and healthier when you’re somewhere other than at home?

If the answer to both questions is yes, the sad truth is your home might be making you feel unwell. It might seem like a scary statement to make, but some folks don’t realize the way they live at home might be the main or a largely contributory reason for their ill health.

With that in mind, here are a few simple steps you can take to make your abode somewhere that makes you feel better when you’ve had a tough day at work or elsewhere:

Use Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

First of all, you should review all the products you use to clean your home. Are they safe for you to use? You may not know it, but some everyday household cleaning products you can buy in grocery stores or online can contain highly toxic ingredients.

It’s also worth noting that some householders seldom read the safety instructions on the products they use; all they do is follow the instructions on how to use them. For example, many products require you to ventilate your rooms when using them.

Do some online research on the products you’ve got at home. Do any of the ingredients in them cause problems like respiratory issues, dizziness, or fatigue? If so, discard them. From now on, only buy products made with natural ingredients and that are safe to use.

Kill Any Mold

Next, you need to know that mold is a top reason for household health problems. Most people have small amounts of mold that develop in their homes, especially in wet areas like their bathrooms.

Even what you might consider as a “tiny” amount of mold bacteria growing on your walls can be enough to cause or exacerbate respiratory conditions like asthma. You need to ensure that you kill household mold before it spreads onto other surfaces and other rooms.

You can typically use a dilute bleach solution to kill mold (make sure you wear gloves and open your windows first!). Otherwise, you can have a professional mold removal company come in and clear away any unsightly mold for you.

Clean Your Home Regularly

One final tip you should keep in mind is that it makes sense to clean your home regularly. Sure, household chores like cleaning aren’t enjoyable. But, they are necessary to ensure your health and that of your family members.

What’s more, regular cleaning means you don’t have to spend long on your chores during each cleaning session. Whereas, if you only cleaned once a month, for example, it could take you several hours to clean just a couple of rooms in your home!

Final Thoughts

The above tips are by no means a complete list of things you should do to promote a healthy home. But, they are the top ones you should consider following first.


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