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Hate Household Chores? Here Are The Ones We Love To Hate!

Do you have a hated household chore? You're not alone. We all take a look at a messy house and immediately sigh - more work to do once the work you’re paid for is done. Household chores are, however, an unfortunate “must” if you want to live in some semblance of comfort and cleanliness. You need to have clean dishes and clean carpets, clean windows and a clean oven if you want to get anywhere close to some kind of order in your house.

You may hate it, but it does have to get done. So, with that in mind, let’s give you a distraction to put those chores off a little longer! Below, we have a list of the most hated household chores around, and ranked in no particular order. You may find the one that you hate on the list, so let’s take a look!

The Bathroom

One of the biggest icky things about bathrooms is that soap scum that collects around the bath or the shower drain. On top of that, you have toilets to clean and with the recent bacteria studies showing that there is bacteria in 26% of household baths tested for staphylococcus, it makes for pretty grim reading. Add the bleach smells and regrouting the bath tiles when they become mouldy, and it’s not the most pleasant job. To make it easier, stay on top of the bathroom chores and make life easier on yourself.

The Toilet

While we have mentioned the toilets within the bathrooms, it deserves it’s own category. Toilet cleaning is nothing short of vomit-inducing - especially if you don't do it often enough. The toilet is filled with all kinds of bacteria - which makes sense given what the toilet is for! The cleaning has to include the flush, the back of the tank and underneath the seat, so pull on those Marigolds and pinch a peg to your nose!

Washing Dishes

It’s totally a first world problem to have no dishwasher. Dirty plates left in the sink are a breeding ground for a ton of bacteria, so it makes sense to wash your dishes in hot soapy water as soon as meals are cleared away. If you are lucky enough to have a dishwasher, make sure that you run a cleaning cycle at least once a week so that you are cleaning dishes in a clean dishwasher.


While not a cleaning chore, ironing is still a household chore that people love to hate. Most people have worked out by now that hanging laundry outside takes the creases out. Others who haven't worked this out are still breaking their backs at an improperly sized ironing board. The key? Share the load. Get others in your house to pull their weight if they want their clothes ironed!


There’s nothing easier than shoving the clothes into the washer. There’s also nothing easier than hanging them out. However, if you ask anyone the most annoying bit of doing the laundry, they will tell you that putting away the washing is the hardship.

Oven Cleaning

Most ovens are self-cleaning, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't be doing a clean inside the oven once a month and the stove top every day. You need to get a good degreaser so that you can get into the nooks and crannies of the oven easily. Bacteria on the food? No thank you!

Mopping The Floor

Are you mopping without sweeping the floor first? You’re going to hate hearing that you’re doing your hated chore incorrectly! Mopping the floor without a sweep is simply going to spread the dirt and dust around. It may be a painful chore, but it’s one that can be made easier with a high-tech mop like these.


It takes up time and it’s boring, but vacuuming is a must. Hate it? Well, you can always outsource to a cleaner or get a Roomba and let it clean up the messes for you, but carpet cleaning is a must for the house! Vacuuming gets into the fibres of the carpet and gets all of the dust and dirt off the floor, too. You need to remember how fresh the house will smell once it’s done - and then bite the bullet and do it!

Household chores are always there to remind us that while we are adults and don't have to do anything if we don't want to, it won’t ever get done if we leave it. Get a cleaner if you have a true hatred of household chores, but remember that they still have to be done either way!


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