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Engagement Photo Fail

How NOT to pick your engagement photographer, from one who learned the hard way.

This post originally appeared on our old site Born to be a Bride.

Josh and I were in a hurry to get our engagement photos taken before leaving Brooklyn. I believe this was mistake. The only date we were free that worked for the photographer was a hot and humid evening. We were both sweaty and bloated, and I don’t know that we made the most flattering outfit choices either. The truth is, we were disappointed when we got the proofs back. We are going to order some prints, as a few of them are OK and can be cropped to our liking, but in general, I believe we both looked puffy and decidedly not our best in these.

For the next shoot, this is what I will do differently. I suggest you take notes if you are planning an engagement shoot.

1. Speak up. I knew when we were shooting that the photographer was getting artistic and picking some angles I didn’t love. I should have stopped her — these are my engagement photos, and I don’t want to be shot from below. Dead-on or from above are always the best shots to flatter any physique.

2. Pick a flattering outfit. White, while very bridal, is not the most slimming color. When we reshoot in November, I am going to pick a sleeker outfit, not a full-skirted ensemble. Black tights always help. Heels are a must.

3. Interact. Josh and I were hot and uncomfortable, and we weren’t sure how to act. We got some cute kisses in there, but mostly just stood around holding hands and staring awkwardly into the camera. Next time, I want to point things out to each other, swing each other around, and just act normal.

Here is the only shot I like:



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