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Energy Efficient Hacks For Your Home

If you are eager to tap into the sustainable psyche of the twenty first century, the chances are that you are eager to put some eco-friendliness into your home. Saving the planet may sound like a lofty ambition but this isn’t a ridiculous dream to have. If every human being on Earth had this motivation, then we would be leaving a healthier and happier planet for future generations. If you are keen to go green, you need to begin at home. Think about implementing some of these energy efficient hacks to save money and be more environmentally conscious.


If you are keen to ensure that the heat doesn’t escape from your home, you need to take a look at your windows. As they let natural light in, they can also allow heat out. Check around your fascias and ensure that there are now cracks or holes. Check your window seals and ensure that condensation doesn’t appear between the panes and that there are no drafts. Cool drafts can negate the heat that is generated within the home meaning that you spend a small fortune trying to heat your property. If you opt for new glazing, consider RbA with their team of specialist installers. Double glazing is the go-to window to ensure that your heat is retained and there is a level of noise reduction in the interior of your humble abode.

Heat can also get lost through your roof space. Go into your attic and consider installing a greater depth of insulation. This will enable any heat that rises within your pad to be cushioned back into the home rather than escaping through your roof tiles. Cavity wall insulation may also be a good idea if you have single skinned older walls. Preserve your heat and you can save cash and energy.

To generate electricity and heat, you may be keen to install some solar panels onto your roof. Yes, they can cost a lot initially, but once installed you will recoup the money over the next few years. Generating your own power from the sun can mean that you stay off the grid. If you generate too much power, you can sell this energy back to the utility company, meaning that you can make money every year. If solar panels aren’t appropriate for your home, think about a mini wind turbine that is smaller yet still energy efficient.


To have a greater level of control over your heating, consider installing a smart thermostat. These nifty bits of kit are intelligent and can analyze your boiler usage. If you are at work and the weather is unseasonably warm, you can turn your thermostat down from your office as long as you have a WiFi connection and the relevant smartphone app. This means you won’t have to return home to a furnace and you can have greater control over your energy usage. You will end up having your boiler firing up a lot less and you will save a pocket load of cash. For those families that like a warm house, consider a fireplace rather than constant energy usage. This means the room you are inhabiting can be toasty rather than heating up the rest of the house that may be unoccupied.

Follow this guide and enjoy these energy efficient hacks for your home.


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