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10 Quick and Easy Ways To Add Light Into Your Home

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Photo by Mark McCammon from Pexels

Interior decor can make a big difference to how spacious and light each room of your home is. And whether you’re looking to sell your home in the future or refresh the look of it, there are quick and easy ways that you can transform the space, without it breaking the bank.

However, it’s still important that you sit down and work out your budget for the home improvements before investing – you don’t want to accrue bills without ensuring that the improvement is necessary after all. Once you’ve set your budget however, it’s time for the exciting part – finding interior decor inspiration.

There are so many different sites that you can use for this, including Etsy, Pinterest and Ideal Home. When you’ve got a particular type of decor in mind, whether it’s boho, nautical or another theme, you’ll be ready to find furniture and accessories that suit.

When it comes to lighting up a room, there are several different methods that you can use. Making use of natural and artificial light, your home will feel a lot brighter and more welcoming – making it the perfect place to relax with loved ones. If you’re stuck on the ways in which to do this, here is a list of some suggestions that you can take inspiration from:

Add Lighting Features

Whether it’s within your living room, bedroom, kitchen or another room in your house, a lighting fixture can be the ultimate feature. As simple or as quirky as you like, it adds a touch of personality to the space and makes the room more appealing to spend time in – no matter what the time of day. With so many retailers offering lighting features, from table lamps to tall lamps and chandeliers, there’s something for all tastes out there.

A simple way of adding light into a space, the huge variety on offer also means that you can pick and choose different lighting features depending on your style and budget. Don’t be worried about these looking too artificial too, as you can invest in bulbs that are less harsh to the eyes – such as LED and filament bulbs. When it comes to bringing life to any room, lighting is key. With old wiring, it can be challenging to power fixtures that bring the desired illumination level. That's why new wiring for lighting is such an excellent investment - it can elevate the atmosphere of a home with ease. In addition to being more powerful than typical wiring, the new wiring often means safer operation and longer-lasting components. Investing in new wiring for lighting is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to upgrade the environment of their home quickly and effectively.

Utilize Windows

Are your windows looking a little tired? Well, there are two things you can do – you can either hire a window cleaner to come and clean them (alternatively you can clean them yourself if you have the right equipment) or consider replacing them if they are broken and inefficient.

Windows make a huge impact on the appearance of your home. And without good quality ones, you’ll find that not only will they let out heat which ramps up your energy bills, but that it affects the resale value of your home.

Paint Your Walls a Neutral Color

As tempting as it might be to paint your walls a quirky or dark color, it will make the room feel small and unwelcoming. Instead, opt for a neutral color, such as white, creme or an off-white shade. Whether this is in your living room or another area of the house, it will make the space feel larger and more serene.

This doesn’t mean that the room will be plain, however. You can accessorize the walls with gold/copper/another color that will add an extraordinary touch to the room. Alternatively, if you do want a dark color, consider adding more lighting fixtures/lighter features within it such as white bedding or white crown molding.

Invest in Glass Doors

Glass doors are wonderful. A way of bringing the light and nature in, you can open them and create a far larger space. Perfect for barbecues and events, they are an inexpensive change that you can make. Whether you opt for sliding doors, French doors or another type, you’ll love the effect and impact that they have on your home.

They also work in any type of home and in any location. So whether you’re across the pond and only have several warm months throughout the year or are in a location that has warm weather every season, they are a worthy investment. New glass doors are also more energy-efficient, ensuring that the heat is kept in.

Add Mirrors

Never underestimate the power that mirrors can have on a living space. From church mirrors to circular and square mirrors, the effect that they can have on your home is undeniable. Reflecting the light around the space, your home will feel brighter and a whole lot more spacious. A budget-friendly change, you can spend as little or as much on mirrors as your budget allows.

Using several different mirrors across a space in your home is also a bold design choice which can be complemented with house plants, cushions and other accessories. You can find tons of inspiration for mirrors on Pinterest and other similar sites.

Use Reflective Tiles in Your Bathroom and Kitchen

Reflective tiles are incredible. Adding a touch of modern elegance and style, they are a great way of adding light without having to use any electricity! Bouncing the light around the bathroom or kitchen, they can be found in various colors, patterns and styles.

Once you’ve purchased reflective tiles you can then complement the style with reflective appliances, such as kettles and toasters. Contemporary and affordable, they are available at a variety of different home stores and can easily be installed – either by you or a professional.

Install a skylight

You might be thinking - skylights are expensive, aren’t they? But there are many companies that offer budget-friendly options. Adding light into your kitchen or whatever room you have it installed in, it’s a simple yet effective change. They also make the room feel a lot more spacious – an added bonus making it a well-worth investment for those who are pushed for space.

Consider Light Flooring

Many people don’t realize the impact that flooring can have on a space – especially the amount of light that it can bring in. When looking to bring natural light into your home, pay attention to the color of your flooring. Do you have dark wood or carpet? If so, this is making the space feel a lot darker.

Instead, look at how you can bring light to the room via the floor. Of course, there are more expensive changes you can make – such as investing in lighter flooring. But if you’re on a budget, then there are smaller, more cost-effective changes you can make. An example of which, is by adding light rugs to the surfaces. This is a short-term fix, but can be very effective when done correctly.

There’s also no reason why lighter-flooring has to imply clinical sheet vinyl like you’d find in a hospital ward, or overly bright laminate if the home doesn’t support it. You’ll likely find that with spanish tile and similar installations, you can implement a fantastic design while also brightening the space up a little, adding some personality and character in one fell swoop.

Purchase Light-Colored Furniture

Light colored furniture doesn’t have to be boring. It can be a vibrant and cozy feature that adds a magical touch to any room. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should only buy white furniture. Because, as nice as they can initially look, they will get very dirty – especially if you have young children around or you’re prone to knocking drinks over. Instead, think about buying furniture in colors such as yellow, green or pink.

Although this might sound very bold, there are plenty of stylish, retro-looking furniture pieces in that color across the web that will suit any style. With a more bold color, you can then add simple accessories and features to the room.

Make it Open Plan

If you have more money in the bank to play with, why not consider making your property open plan? Open plan living is one of the best changes you can make to a home – especially when you’re looking to add light into it and make it seem more spacious overall. Even though this can be expensive, the value that it adds to your home is undeniable; it’s notably one of the top things that home buyers look for when buying a new property – as homes that are split into several rooms can seem smaller.

It’s also a good option for homeowners who want to make the interior of their house bigger – but don’t have the outside space to add extra space. When looking into open-plan living, you’ll notice that the two most popular options are through knocking down the wall between the kitchen and living space or the dining and living room.

An alternative to making it open plan is to add an extension to the back, front or side of your property. Opening up the space, you can then add new glass doors and windows which creates more light within the space. This is a great solution if you live in a property that has plenty of space around it.

Final Thoughts

So, there you go! There are 10 suggestions of quick and easy ways to add light into your home. Effective techniques to use, it doesn’t matter how old your property is or what size it is. Adding value to your home and creating a more welcoming environment to live in, the above changes could transform your home!

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