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Are You Ready For Your Big Day?

Photo: Pixabay

Your wedding day is approaching and you have dreams of the grand event in your mind. However, making a dream into a reality takes a lot of work and planning and this can take time and effort and yes it will all be worth it but you can make the process a little easier. We can hire wedding planners and event planners but ultimately it’s your vision. Maybe you want to get married on the beach somewhere or perhaps you want to spend your wedding day on a yacht. Let’s have a look at some of these proven tips to help you:

Start from the beginning

When you prepare for a marathon, you begin with your body and mind. You make sure you are operating at your full potential before you strap on your running shoes. Preparing for a dream wedding is much like that. There are a million details to attend to. Do you want to look at tent rentals to have your reception inside or maybe you want a specific pair of shoes. During your prep time, stay away from sugar, caffeine, and other unhealthy foods and allow yourself to be calm. This isn’t easy but it will be better for your body and health in the long run up to the big day. Take time to exercise also.

Get on the App Store and be inspired to find more

Visit your app store for apps that will help you keep up with, track, and plan the details of your event. Look for apps by The Knot which will help with guests lists, wedding website management and a lot more. If you are working with a wedding planner you can sync your apps with theirs. Also look at what you want to pack for your honeymoon and where you want to go!

Be specific and don’t panic about the mistakes along the way!

Of course, you want your wedding to be your brand. You want it to reflect you as a person and as a couple. But, do not make the mistake of trying to combine things to make your statement that is not really wedding material. You may love the old style southern look. You may envision a grand house with Magnolia blooms lining the stairwell. Your future husband may be into horses or maybe he likes fast cars? A horse and buggy would be a perfect addition to your fantasy wedding. But if he is really into motorcycles and the James Dean look, it will be a strange to arrive in a white tee shirt on a motorcycle. If you want a themed wedding then you must be sure that you know what you want to the finest details as it is such a specific theme.

Your dream wedding can be anything you want it to be and whilst you must look at budget and planning well, you can achieve anything and the time is yours! Enjoy your big day, it’s worth remembering for a lifetime.


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