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What to Pack for your Honeymoon

This post originally appeared as "Honeymoon Essentials" on our old blog Born to be a Bride.

This week, we’re talking warm-weather fashion and beauty so I thought I’d do something for those of you brides-to-be with travel plans on the horizon. Even if you’re not honeymooning this summer, these tips should come in handy on your girls’ trip or weekend getaway — you never know when you’ll need to look fabulous, and who doesn’t want to feel great on vacation? So as I sit here in the same black floral-print shmata from Target that I’ve worn every time I’ve left the house this week, I picture all of you little cuties packing your bags with pretty things and hitting the road. Preggos, fret not, we’ll do a separate post on what the hell we’re supposed to pack, in the weeks to come. For now, the honeymoon edition commences:

Undies. The first and most important thing I always pack is underwear. As a general rule, I reach for neutrals like white, black, and nude since I won’t have my whole wardrobe at my disposal and it’s good to know your drawers won’t be playing peek-a-boo under that fab new dress. Additionally, and this might sound nuts, but my mom always told me to pack twice the amount the undies as days gone. Why? Well, vacation activities are a little different than homebound ones and you might be swimming in the morning and changing for lunch, or hiking all afternoon and then going out to dinner. Either way, with more outfits in the rotation it’s always a solid idea to have too much underwear on hand. Since this is a small item, it’s not going to waste precious suitcase space either.

Skin saver. I really don’t like to play favorites with my beauty products, but there’s something very special about this one. Not only does it keep my mom’s skin looking so youthful it should be illegal, it has helped my emerging crow’s feet immensely, while bringing an allover softness and suppleness to my face. On vacation, I don’t like to pack a lot of cosmetics because they can be heavy, cumbersome, and let’s face it — between the salt, sun, sand, and sangria, you’re highly unlikely to have time or even remember to do your full face routine. However! I recommend investing in this incredible serum and packing it as your only skincare item for the trip. Because in addition to the youth it unlocks from deep beneath the layers of your tired face, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair also doubles as a sunburn saver.

On my first vacation with Josh, I pretended we had the same skin tone and applied sunscreen only when he did. Whoops. I returned to Manhattan a patchy, whiny lobster who wanted to cry but each tear just caused searing pain down my cheeks. My boss at the magazine, who only ever had the fanciest things, sent me home with a bottle of Estee. The next morning my skin was golden brown and the morning after that, its elasticity returned. Last week when I traveled with my family, my poor nose suffered the same plight — but two swipes of Mom’s Estee (I forgot my bottle!) cured me. $92 for 1.7 oz and worth every penny.


Little floral dress. Some swear by the LBD, and I admit I love to have one or several at my disposal. But nothing says vacation like a floral-print dress you can throw on for brunch, repurpose for sightseeing, and dress up for dinner with the right metallic flats or patent platforms. For our honeymoon in Italy, my mom bought me a beautiful little floral number by Free People in a whimsical array of colors. The light and airy fabric was perfect for beating the heat and even though I’m not a big outfit repeater, this one got a lot of mileage. I wore it out to dinner one night on Como, in a picture I’ve posted way too many times on this blog, and then it made an appearance the following week at breakfast during our stay at Il Pellicano. And another favorite floral frock from the honeymoon is seen below touring Villa D’Este — just moments before we realized that a bowl of soup cost 40 Euros, and skipped out on our lunch rez!

Ultra-flattering bikini. On my honeymoon, I was the tiniest I’ve been since college. But that didn’t keep my tummy from feeling a bit bloated thanks to the wine, cheese, and high salt content of some of our splurgy meals. No matter how cute you look when you try things on at home, I always recommend having an adjustable bikini with you for the trip. This way, should you get your period or just feel you need a little extra room, you can loosen up those side ties without having the telltale too-tight look that just does not work.

Modern jellies. A few summers ago, my impossibly chic friend whom I refer lovingly to as “Mini” introduced me to my first pair of designer jellies. The mauve-hued Gucci slides were my world all season long, and I continue to wear them frequently despite my husband’s dismissal of them as “those plastic jams.” Now, you might be thinking, why pack shoes my husband won’t love for the honeymoon? But rest assured — most husbands are not as in tune with the material composition of their wives’ footwear as mine is. And second, flip flops are just not an option, so he’ll have to watch with casual admiration as you transition directly from the pool to a fancy lunch and beyond in chic flats that double as beachwear.


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