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Add Extra Storage Space With These 10 Home Improvements

Need some more storage space in your home? By remodeling your home you may be able to add extra space. Below are just 10 home improvement ideas to help add extra space.

Build an addition

Building an addition is a popular way to add space to a home. A conservatory, a new bedroom or even an extended kitchen could help to add more space for storing items. Additions can be quite expensive and you’ll need to get permits to make sure that they don’t break zoning restrictions.

Install a fitted wardrobe

Running out of room in your wardrobe for clothes? Fitted wardrobes can be sculpted to the shape of a room, maximizing storage space. They’re ideal for oddly shaped bedrooms where you may otherwise be restricted to certain shapes of wardrobe.

Find new places for shelves

Shelves can be a simple storage solution and they can be placed pretty much anywhere. You can add them to a spare wall in a bathroom or even along the wall running up a staircase. This could give you extra space for items like books, toys and equipment.

Add a medicine cabinet

A medicine cabinet is a cabinet that sits on the bathroom wall above the sink basin. This is typically where people place a mirror, however the medicine cabinet door can be mirrored to make up for this. Medicine cabinets were originally designed to store medicines, but can be used to store all kinds of bathroom items.

Add a toilet topper cabinet

Got some empty wall space above your toilet? You could also consider placing a cabinet on the wall here. This could be somewhere to put spare toilet paper, cleaning equipment or even towels.

Utilize unused corners

An empty corner behind a sofa in a living room could be the perfect place to add columnar storage. This could be used for keeping living room clutter contained. Such storage solutions may be possible to use in other corners of rooms too that may otherwise be too small to place a conventional cabinet. You could even try crafting your own columnar cabinet to meet the exact dimensions of the corner.

Use the space under stairs

Many of us use space under the stairs to store clutter, but we don’t always maximize use of this space. This space could be perfect for a small walk-in wardrobe or a pantry. Using different shelves or drawers, you can help organize items.

Upsize your kitchen cabinets

Do you often wish you had more kitchen cabinet space? By investing in some kitchen remodeling, it may be possible to add deeper or wider cabinets that make better use of your kitchen space. It could even be a chance to customize your cabinets to your needs (if you have lots of tall glasses, you could add a shelf space that’s tall enough to accommodate all of these).

Add nooks to walls

If you don’t want to add shelves because they may extend out too far, an alternative option is to build nooks into the wall. This can be useful for narrow spaces like hallways. Nooks are best built by a professional - if done wrong, they could negatively affect the structural integrity of your home.

Build a new shed

If you’ve got lots of available yard space, another option could be to simply build a new shed. Sheds are most commonly used to store outdoor equipment, but they don’t have to be solely for this use. A shed could be used to store all kinds of belongings from musical instruments to gym equipment. Just make sure that the shed is suitably insulated and waterproofed so that no belongings are damaged.


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