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8 Ideas To Increase The Value Of Your Property

When you first bought your home, it’s likely that you considered the investment as well as the practical purchase. We hope that our homes will naturally increase in value over time, but when the economy is struggling, it doesn’t always work that way. Luckily there are plenty of things you can do to add value to your home. With these eight value boosting ideas you’ll see a better return on your investment and experience a more desirable living space.

1 . Loft conversion

There are various different types of loft conversion that you can choose from, for instance dormer loft conversions. These extensions are built using the slope of the roof, and do not involve any huge structural changes. Dormer conversions are less expensive than most other loft conversions, and allow for a good level of ventilation and light.

Another type of loft conversion is a mansard loft conversion. These are built by raising the wall that connects your house with the house of your neighbor. These styles are built with a wall that slopes inward, and a flat roof. Mansard loft conversions are usually thought to be more attractive than dormers, however they will require planning permission. Both types will add approximately 20% value to your home.

2. Build a conservatory

Extending your living space with a conservatory is a great way to connect your home with your garden. You’ll also gain a brand new leisure room. Depending on the space you have, there are various types of conservatories that will be an option. Victoria style conservatories are usually built to achieve a rounded effect, with multi-faceted end walls and ridged roofing. Many people opt for the ‘sun-room’ design conservatories. These are built with a single-sloped roof, connected to the house by the longest wall space. Your surrounding spaces will determine the planning permission requirements for building a conservatory. It’s estimated that a conservatory space can boost your home’s value by around 5%.

3. Bathroom renovation

A brand new bathroom can boost value and add a real wow factor to your home. For a modern renovation that draws in buyers, you should pay attention to recent bathroom trends. This year deep free-standing bath tubs are all the rage, we’re also seeing lots of interesting tile shapes including scallops or hexagons. Minimal styles are still trending, as well as floating cabinets to create the illusion of extra space.

4. Use your cellar

The best way to add value to your home is to increase the living space. Converting your cellar is another effective way to do this. You won’t require any planning permission to work on your cellar. It’s simply a case of deciding how you want to use this space. You might turn it into a spare bedroom, a second living room or a kids playroom. Perhaps your cellar has little potential as a living space, yet would work great as a utility room?

5. Revamp your kitchen

A sparkling new kitchen increases value and impresses potential buyers. These days, our kitchens are so much more than a merely functional space. It’s become normal for people to want luxurious kitchens to both cook and entertain at the same time. In 2020, kitchen renovations commonly involve ‘double islands’. These are only achievable if you have lots of space. Larger open plan kitchens are the way to impress, so if you have space to extend your kitchen, it’s an excellent project to carry out. Kitchen renovations can be expensive, so it’s a good idea to budget your expenses clearly before you get started.

6. Curb appeal

Never underestimate the importance of your home’s exterior. Buyers start forming opinions and making decisions from the moment that they lay eyes on your home. If the exterior isn’t aesthetically pleasing, this creates completely the wrong first impression. Buyers will enter your home feeling skeptical, and subconsciously prone to pick up the ‘negatives’ about your home. To enhance your curb appeal, renovate your driveway, paint the outside walls and fences, and give your garden a makeover. Pay attention to everything, down to the finest details. From the letters on your door to your mailbox, design everything to impress.

7. Green improvements

A green home is important to many buyers, over the last few years it’s become increasingly appealing to have energy saving and eco-friendly home features. There are plenty of ways you can update your home to go-green and save yourself money in the process. Firstly, solar power is a top update for the home. Once you’ve had the solar panels installed, you’ll benefit from reduced energy bills. Another thing you can do is to update the insulation in your walls and your loft. Older houses tend to lose heat due to poor insulation, correcting this issue will mean a more energy efficient home.

8. Triple glazing

Good quality windows are a real must-have for the modern property owner. Triple glazed windows are beneficial for saving energy, improving security, heating you home, and to enhance aesthetic appeal. Triple glazed windows are also useful for noise reduction. These types of windows are particularly useful if you live in a noisy or busy part of town. Triple glazed windows are more expensive than double glazed, so you might prefer double-glazed if you are on a budget. As a general rule, adding natural light to your home is advisable to improve the mood and design.

Finding a new property

Once you’ve renovated your home, and are preparing to put it on the market, you’ll be ready to start looking for a new property yourself. At this stage, the most important thing is finding the best mortgage rates for you. A great rate can make a huge difference to your finances and overall quality of life. Altrua Financial can offer some great low mortgage rates to help buyers to comfortably buy their dream property. When you’re completing the mortgage application process, take your time and begin with a list of your needs and expectations.


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