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4 Water Wasting Habits Aquaplaning Your Home's Finances

Water is one of the most valuable commodities in the world, yet we use it as if it grows on trees at home. From keeping the faucet running to flushing with clean H2O, it literally goes down the drain. And, your finances are likely to follow suit because water doesn’t come cheap.

As a homeowner, you’re wise to the most expensive habits and have done your best to eliminate them from your routine. Still, sometimes the smallest things have the biggest impacts. Here, then, are common and expensive water wastage habits that you didn’t realize were problematic.

Not Cleaning The Drains

Everybody has been there. What’s the point in getting elbow-deep in leftover dinners and food scraps if there isn’t anything wrong with the drains? Although it’s a tempting piece of logic to cling to, it won’t do you any good from a water wastage perspective. Figuring out how to clear blocked drain will stop H2O from building up in the sink and spilling over. Plus, the flow of agua will be much smoother. As a result, it won’t take as long to do the dishes or rinse the cutlery. Remember that the longer the tap runs, the more water is needlessly wasted.

Cleaning Your Teeth

Wait there - cleaning your teeth is a waste of water? Yes. It’s worth clarifying that this doesn’t mean it’s wrong to rinse your brush with water before you start cleaning. It’s the things you do pre and post-cleaning that aren’t healthy. The majority of people will happily let the faucet drip as they clear the excess toothpaste away, or even before they’re ready to stop brushing. While it seems as if these habits aren’t harmful, they add up over the long-term, in water and money.

Neglecting Renovations

When money is tight, there is always something more important that’s worth your attention. For most homeowners, it’s tough to validate spending funds on a property because the cash could be better spent elsewhere. However, the next opportunity you get to redecorate, you should do it as old, outdated fixtures are inefficient. Whether it’s the shower or the boiler, both waste tons of H2O a year. Splashing out on making your home look nicer, then, is an investment that will help the environment and your bank balance. Of course, while style is a factor, the feature to focus on the most is efficiency.

Failing To Check Your Toilet

Naturalists will go as far as encouraging you not to flush after a number one. Hopefully, you’ll be glad to hear that this isn’t one of those kinds of blogs! Still, it’s vital to understand that a toilet is probably wasting water before flushing. After all, an estimated 20% are considered to leak, and that can result in one gallon of water loss per hour. Therefore, it’s essential for anybody who cares about money and the planet to check for leaks. Look behind the systern if nothing is obvious.

Could it be possible that your home is still wasting water and costing you a fortune?


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