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How Could You Make Storage More Stylish?

The latest interior design trends seem to suggest, the home is about to become a lot more intimate. For the past decade or so, homes had tried to focus on cold utilitarian design, making things more useful that stylish. Consequently, storage space became a very hot topic because, if you have more space, the more modern your home would look.

A new decade has just begun and now it seems like storage space is being made more stylish. Warm, inviting and very practical, storage spaces are noticeably more visible instead of faded into the background. Storage is needed all over the house, the only challenge is how to make it more in line with your decor?

Open verticality

Instead of spreading out storage space, it's being forced upward. During the last couple of years of the previous decade, storage began to climb the walls and find greater versatility in verticality. However, it was almost always achieved in the kitchen and with the use of custom made cupboards. Now, however, this sense of direction has been slightly altered and made more visible. Vertical storage space can be done with hollow top surfaces on drawers and cabinets. This gives you a safe place to store your items, not quite out of reach but almost out of sight. This type of style can be used anywhere around the home. The sunken surfaces allow for half of the items to only be peering out from the tops yet easily accessible. This applies to the living room just as much as it is for the bedroom.

Walking into style

The bedroom has forever been the heart and soul of clever storage design. It's the place where we keep most of our private possessions. It's also where we keep the things that express the most about ourselves; our clothes. The clothes we wear mean a lot because they are part of how the world sees us and also, how we wish to portray ourselves. Having a large yet private wardrobe is everyone’s dream.

You’re probably thinking, Should You DIY Your Master Bedroom Closet? If you have the room space available, the obvious answer is, why not? A walk-in closet keeps your wardrobe hidden from the rest of the room and allows you to walk into your style, encompassing yourself with familiar tastes. It's custom-built, so you can design each storage space for different categories of clothing. Your shoes will have their own space, separate from your boots. Your jackets will be separate from your coats, etc.

Floating back to relevance

Shelves are back! They had been replaced by wall indentation storage which proved to be quite popular as nothing needed to be added to the home. However, this also meant that the items you stored in the spaces played no active role in your decor. Ornaments would be sidelines and plants would be forgotten. It's time to put up some floating shelves and store items that generate fervor for your interior style.

The entire modern house is getting a makeover in 2020. No stone will be left unturned so it's best to start implementing these trends as soon as you can to keep up. Storage space has become warm and stylish once again!

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