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Your Essential Fall Garden Care Checklist

As hot as it may have been, summer’s starting to fade into nothing more than a memory now, and fall is quickly creeping up after it. While some people might be more excited about the spooky Halloween celebrations, let’s not get to buying pumpkins just yet. Your garden might have finished all of its growing cycles, but you’re not done taking care of it just yet. Here are a few tasks you need to take care of not just for the curb appeal of the home, but for the safety and health of your family, not to mention your garden.

Clear those gutters

When the fall comes, nearby trees are going to be losing their leaves, and the winds are going to whip up a lot more general debris. This can clog the gutters around the roof, leading to water blockages that can create water leakages into the home. Tools like the Powerfit PF31052B Gutter Cleaner can help you clear things up once a year so this doesn’t happen.

Wash the exterior

If you have any stone, concrete, or wooden surfaces in the garden, they need to be cared for. Paving stones, walkways, driveways, decks, and so on can accumulate dirt, algae, and grime, especially in the fall. This can all create a slippery film that can cause a real risk of falls. Pressure washers like the Sun Joe SPX3000 can help you blast away this film, making the garden a little safer to walk in, again.

Trim everything once more

If you thought you were done mowing and cutting, think again. Many plants finish their growing cycle mid-fall. Without trimming it, you give your garden more risk of debris that can clog up those gutters, slick up your sidewalk, and more. This 4 Stroke Ryobi review looks a multi-tasking tool that can help you trim up just about everything. Grass, plants, vines, bushes, even thinner tree branches can be cleaned up without too much hassle.

Pull up those weeds

No-one wants to be spending all fall pulling up weeds. However, the wet conditions of the season are perfect to keep weeds growing all the way through. They thankfully also soften up the soil, so that it’s a lot easier to dig them out at the roots. Pulling weeds by hand is rarely effective, so it’s a good idea to wait until the ground is wet, then use a long-bladed hoe to scoop them right out of the ground.

Protect your furniture

Your garden furniture might have made your exterior a much better place to lounge and relax, but it can become area liability. Take any parts that aren’t treated to deal with rain and moisture, such as soft furnishings, and bring them inside. You might want to move lighter furniture out of the wind, too.

It’s easy to neglect your garden once it gets into fall, but this can raise a whole range of issues that can not only risk your home’s safety but be a real risk to the health of your family, too.


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