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Turning Your Apartment, Into A Palace

You might not have the 5th Avenue penthouse that you (rightly) believe you should have, well at least not yet, but fret not. You can still turn your apartment into a palace of your own with these easy tips.


To create a classy, distinctive look you need look no further than starting with the paint on your walls. In living rooms, crisp, matte, and white walls create an instant Regal-Esque tone when matched with bright colored scatter cushions on vintage or retro-inspired furniture. Think dark luscious chocolate brown leather sofas or conversely, upholstered sofas in neutral colors that can be combined with rich throws and scatters. If you choose the leather option, then avoid overly bright throws or scatters in favor of dark reds, rust oranges, or varying shades of brown. To amp up the vintage stakes, add a pinstripe curtain that’s draped all the way to the floor.


If you have decent-quality tiles or wooden floors, then rugs are your first port of call. Think of investing in imported Afghans or Persians (no, they don’t have to cost thousands of dollars), and these will create a stylish and seriously royal-looking appearance. The great thing about rugs and mats is that you can use them to create additional “spaces” in existing rooms, if you have even just a slightly larger living room then two different rugs divide the room into different areas.

Carpets are a great investment if you own your apartment. Especially if you don’t have great floors, and you can still add rugs atop carpets too. That creates a lush and rich look and is also great if you live in colder places with long and icy winters.


If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony or even a small garden if you’re on the ground floor, then creating the kind of look that inspires the sort of inserts that you find in Town & Country Magazine, then here’s some advice for you. Hanging gorgeous wrought-iron light fittings outside and then matching those in your living area, create very neat focal points and are a throwback to the age of French-Louisianna style dècor. Complete the look with heavy, dark furniture in your dining area with crystal candle-holders or even a small chandelier (if budget allows) and you’ll be invoking images of grand plantation ballrooms and garden parties. It helps if you can allow nature in besides.


The great thing about doing your kid’s rooms is that you can be as over the top as you like. Bright and bold colors blend easily under the guise of “childish indulgence”. You’ll love this 12” Patrick Plush of Sponge Bob fame. We mean, your “kids” will love it.


If you’re not planning on moving into a house anytime soon and are committed to your apartment in the sky, then investing in high-quality handmade furniture is an indulgence well worth making. It isn’t cheap but as always, some careful planning and plotting will set you straight onto the path of gorgeous furniture.

These simple tips will have your apartment looking and feeling like a million. You deserve it!


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