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Turn Your Bedroom Into A Five Star Hotel Suite

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

What if you could experience the cosiness and luxury of a five star hotel room every night in your own bedroom? With a few improvements, this could be made possible. Here are just several ways to transform your bedroom into a luxury suite worthy of a top hotel.

Invest in a new mattress

Your bed is the most vital ingredient of your bedroom. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to mattresses – some people prefer the support of a hard mattress while others prefer something soft to sink into. Try out lots of different mattresses at your local mattress shop and then shop around online for the best deals. For five star hotel quality, consider the big brands.

Buy new bedding

As well a comfortable mattress, it could be worth upgrading your bedding. Most luxury hotels use Egyptian cotton bed sheets with a 300 thread count. It’s worth also finding pillows for your sleeping style – medium-high thickness pillows are great for side sleepers and back sleepers, while thinner pillows may benefit front sleepers.

Upgrade Your Bedroom Furniture

The bedroom furniture pieces that you’ll find in a 5 star hotel suite will need to stand the test of time while remaining as stylish as can be, so it might be a good idea to upgrade a few items if you want to achieve a more luxurious feel. Making the mistake of trying to scrimp and save on your furniture will likely leave you with a poor quality bedroom in terms of both functionality and aesthetics. Finding a top standard supplier is key when it comes to sourcing the best furniture, so it may be a good idea to invest in some Amish bedroom furniture that’s made using the strongest wood with classic styling. Another step that you can follow to upgrade your bedroom furniture is to buy a set rather than individual items. A luxury furniture set will certainly take your bedroom to a whole new level, providing you with that unmistakable hotel finish.

Cull the clutter

Hotel rooms are typically clutter-free so that guests can make the space their own. However, this lack of clutter is also important for getting a good night’s sleep – many of us find it easier to relax when we’re not surrounded by stuff. Make sure that all clothing is either stored away in a wardrobe or chest of drawers or placed in a washing basket. Also try to resist covering dressers with jewellery and cosmetics – buy yourself containers such as jewellery boxes and makeup organizers to keep surfaces clear.

Set up your own morning coffee station

What if you could enjoy coffee in bed without having to leave your bedroom. Setting up a coffee station in your bedroom could make it feel just like a hotel. You could even set it up on your bedside dresser so that you don’t have to leave your bed.

Mount a TV on the wall

For watching late night TV or movies in bed – or for watching morning TV with your cup of coffee - consider adding a TV to your room. Many upmarket hotels have TVs mounted on the wall as this saves space and causes less neck strain when lying down. Make sure the mounting is secure so that your TV doesn’t come crashing down.

Install reading lighting

A lot of hotel rooms have reading lights installed on the walls above the bed with dimming features. These could be perfect if you like to read a book before going to bed. It could save you having to place lamps on your bedside cabinets, saving you space for a coffee station.

Hang up some blackout blinds

Blackout blinds could prevent you getting woken up early by the morning sun – or could simply help you get to sleep at night if there are street lights outside your window. You can buy remote control blackout blinds. This could allow you to open the blinds in the morning without even having to get out of bed!


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