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The Thing about Thursdays

On Thursdays, we “throw back.” At first, I thought I had to participate each week. I took painstaking care digging through old photographs from kindergarten through college and beyond. By default this week has been a throwback to pregnancy, and a look-forward to what’s ahead. All of this throwing back sometimes fills me with melancholy; it’s why I removed the notifications function from my Timehop app. I love measuring time, marking anniversaries, and reminiscing. But sometimes it can be sad.

The thing about Thursdays is they remind us of what used to be. Whether that’s tighter skin or loved ones that are no longer alive, it can fill us with longing. Sometimes it’s about braces or being broke. That can make us feel cuter and more accomplished. I’m a big throw-backer and I look forward too often, too. As per my New Years Resolutions for 2015, I’m trying to spend more time this year being in the moment.


📷Willow’s handmade pants are by TrendyTwinsCompany on Instagram.

So, this Thursday let’s celebrate today. Today I awoke sleepy after my little had some late-night tummy trouble, with some pain from when I tripped and fell flat on my back on a marble floor yesterday (I’m sure my haters love that one!). But today I also awoke with a grateful heart — a blog post I recently wrote is touching hearts of many I’ll never meet. As a writer and daydreamer, there’s nothing more incredible to learn than that. I have a seven-week-old sleeping in my lap, I type this with one hand as I do most things these days. I have a pile of laundry to do and a list of calls to return — life is hectic and lovely at once.

Today is not perfect, but it’s mine. There’s promise in every single one that we get. Look back on Thursdays or any time you need to, dream forward of what might be. But don’t give up on the beauty of today, ever. It’s only here a little while.


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