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The 8 Engagement Ring Care Tips You Need To Read

Getting engaged is a magical feeling. It’s a symbol of your love and commitment to each other, and a promise of what’s to come. During those first weeks and months of having your ring, you’ll be spending a lot of time showing it off, and the rest of the time staring at it!

Your engagement ring is precious, and it’s also very valuable. As potentially one of the most expensive pieces of jewelry you’ll ever own, it’s important to take care of it.

Here are 8 tips to help you take great care of your engagement ring.

Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons

1. Make sure your ring is what you really want

We tend to take better care of the things that are most dear to us. So if you’re not as in love with your ring as you thought you’d be, it might be time to change it up.

It can be difficult to have the ring conversation, but it needs to be done. Whether the style isn’t really you, or you’ve changed your mind (even if you chose it yourself), it’s better to be honest to get the ring you really want. You could even suggest shopping for an engagement ring together and share a special moment. With a ring you really want on your finger, you’ll take better care of it.

2. Get to know your ring

To help you take good care of your ring, you should get to know it. Understand the metal, the stone and the cut so that you’ll know how to clean it and how to keep it safe.

3. Get it insured

Getting insurance for your ring is incredibly important. Insurance will help cover your ring if it gets damaged or if you lose it. A ring is expensive to replace, and it would be a huge blow to have to cover the cost of a new ring, on top of the devastation of losing the ring in the first place.

Engagement ring insurance is a cost worth paying for your peace of mind. You should check if your ring and other jewelry are covered by your home insurance, and remember to include it in your travel insurance too.

4. Take it off when you’re cleaning and doing other activities that could cause damage

It’s very easy to damage your engagement ring. Cleaning and other activities like exercise put your ring at risk of knocks and coming into contact with hazardous materials. While rings can suffer minor scratches in time, you can prevent major damage by taking good care of your ring.

Get into the habit of taking your ring off before you start cleaning, exercise, and any situations where your ring could get damaged. You can always invest in a dummy ring to wear when you’re feeling particularly concerned about your ring, or you feel uncomfortable without one - it’s surprising how quickly you get used to wearing one!

Taking your ring off can also protect your skin - you don’t want to get cleaning chemicals and soap trapped under your ring, as this can cause sores and rashes that can be very uncomfortable.

5. Keep it clean

Cleaning your ring will help you keep your ring looking its sparkling best. You can arrange a cleaning with a jewelry store, but some stores may come with a fee to do this.

The easiest and most affordable way to clean your ring is to do it yourself. DIY engagement ring cleaning is easy, and you can achieve a professional-looking clean using many household products, including baking soda. Always keep a polishing cloth to hand to help you buff your ring and keep it shining.

6. Inspect your ring regularly

Rings can become damaged over time, but the sooner you spot the damage, the sooner you can get your ring repaired and taken care of. If you leave your ring damaged for too long, you run the risk of a more serious repair or losing the stones.

Check out some of the common types of engagement ring damage to help you learn more about what to look out for.

7. Use ring dishes to stop you from losing it

Taking your ring off is a good way to keep it safe from damage around the house. But it can also be an easy way to lose it. Having some ring or trinket dishes around the house will give you somewhere to keep your ring so you’ll know exactly where to find it. You can even have some fun making your own DIY trinket dishes so that you have solutions that match your decor.

Always store your ring somewhere you will find them easily - never leave them on the side of the sink, bath or shower. Avoid taking your ring off when you’re outdoors - you don’t want to run the risk of losing it somewhere where you’ll never find it again, like the beach or in a field.

8. Make changes with caution

Over time, you might decide to make changes to your ring. You may need to resize it, reset it or replate it - there are lots of different reasons why you might change your ring. But before you do, think carefully before you change your ring. You should go to a reputable jeweler and discuss your options with them. As jewelry experts, they’ll be best placed to advise you on whether your desired upgrades are achievable or not.

Your engagement ring upgrade could be as simple as changing your diamond. There is some great advice on how to upgrade your diamond to help you see how the process works.

Remember, once you’ve upgraded your ring, you should check your insurance to make sure it’s still covered and make changes to your policy as needed.

Your engagement ring is something you’ll love and cherish forever, but it’s important that you take care of it. Take steps to take care of your engagement ring to keep it looking its best, so you are always ready to show it off at any given moment!


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