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Planning Your Engagement Like A Team

Modern engagements don’t always (or even often) happen the way that the past generations might have done it. Nowadays, a lady doesn’t have to just wait for a man to propose. Rather, more and more couples talk about the prospect of getting married rather than just making it a single question. However, that doesn’t mean that the moment has to be any less special just because you’re planning it together.

Making sure you’re on the same page

One of the reasons to pre-plan your engagement is that not only do you make sure you get that “yes,” but you make sure that you and your spouse are on the same page when it comes to your future together. It allows you some time to talk about what kind of wedding you want without the ticking clock already counting down towards the day. Even more importantly, it allows you to talk about what you see for your future, allowing you to find ground on all matter of subjects, from family planning to careers.

Picking the right symbols

Engagement rings are more symbolic of the promise that you and your soon-to-be are making to one another more than anything else. As such, rather than leaving it up to one person to pick the rings that best fit both of you, you can instead make that choice together with the help of sites like Engage Jeweler that are making it so much easier to pick out rings for both members of the couple. Plus, when you pick the rings together, it’s not as likely to end with common problems like size mistakes.

Remember the moment

One of the best things about planning an engagement together is that when you pop the question to one another, you can better prepare the day to enjoy it. Arranging for a date, perhaps with a dinner at the site of your very first date, can really make the moment all the more special. Add to that some photographs to commemorate the moment with services like Organic Moments Photography and you can ensure that you’re both looking back fondly on this day in the years to come, rather than letting the day go back without any souvenirs.

You can throw a big party after

If you still want to include a little element of surprise into the moment you get engaged, then why not make a surprise for your family and friends? When you decide to get engaged together, it’s then a lot easier to plan a big engagement celebration party with everyone that you love invited. You can either invite them to a party and make the announcement there or surprise them all with a round of calls or a quieter get-together then throw the celebrations after the fact.

Your engagement can be every bit as special as you want it to be. Hopefully, the tips above help you make the moment every bit as memorable together as it would be if one of you were blind-sided by it.


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