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Planning On Moving House With Newborn Babies?

If you planned everything just right, you will be ready to move into a bigger house when you bring the newborn baby(s) home from the hospital. Most families will do this if they have planned the birth of their children years in advance. It goes a little something like this. You get engaged and then married. You decide how many years you want to be a married couple before you start a family. During these years you’ll travel the world, seek out thrills together and enjoy many nights under the stars dining in restaurants. What’s also going on during this time is that you’re working very hard. You know that the closer the time comes to when you want children, the time to earn a lot of money to buy a house is slimming down. But now, it's finally here. You’re ready to move into a bigger house with newborn babies. So how should you plan for this next step?

A one-man army?

Chances are the first-time mother is going to be looking after the baby. This then leaves the huge task of packing everything left with the husband. That’s not fair. Although looking after the newborn babies isn’t easy, it's not as difficult and physically straining as packing every single thing in the house, ready to be transported. Does this mean your husband is left to act as a one-man army? No, of course not. Using both your family and his family, everything can be packed and ready to be shipped in no time. This, of course, requires coordination as the noise might keep your newborn babies awake which is distressing for just days old children. You and the babies can rest in one room, stay out of the way and let your families work together.

Two-man army?

Maybe your families simply don’t live close by and you can’t get them out to help you. You could live abroad or in many cities away. So it looks like your husband is going to have to become a one-man army after all. Wait a minute, no he’s not! A two-man army is better than one with these removalists. Contrary to the name, they are much more than just two dudes and a van. They have 60 modern and reliable moving trucks and around 150 trained removing specialists. They are more than happy to come to help your husband pack everything up. Actually, even he can sit aside and let them take care of everything. They know how to wrap up sofas, keep wooden furniture and decor from being scratched and prevent mirrors and anything made out of brittle material such as vases and crystal wine glasses from shattering.

Protection from the noise

The moving is going to be loud and noisy, which can distress your newborn. Buying little earmuffs or a romper with a hood would diminish the sound from around the house. This would help the newborn get the sleep he or she needs.

It's a great moment in your life when you’re about to say goodbye to the apartment or home your shared and saying hello to your new family home. With a newborn, it can be difficult but it's all about timing.

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Luke Evans
Luke Evans
18. Feb. 2022

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