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Sleepy Mondays

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

This post originally appeared on our old blog, Born to be a Bride.

It’s all of a sudden quite chilly here, and we had to bundle up big-time for a three-block walk to the PO this morning. Willow woke up triumphant after taking a few steps on her own last night. She really is getting a kick out of her own growth and development and we are, too. Josh and I have been passing back and forth a pretty terrible cough for weeks now, and mine has just about kicked my a**.

Last night, I was up into the wee hours, hacking away and shopping for holiday gifts online. Needless to say, it’s a sleepy Monday over here. I’ve just gotten the chicken down for a nap and am about to tackle the laundry pile from here to heaven at the end of the hall. In good news, this week we have a quite the lineup of posts, including a review of one of my favorite innovations for nursing mamas, some early holiday gifting tips, kid-friendly and gluten-free Thanksgiving favorites, seasonal beauty ideas, and more.

Pour yourself a big ole cup of coffee and say hello to Monday, people. We might be sleepy, but we are lucky to be here to see another day.



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