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Oh Baby!

This post originally appeared on our old blog, Born to be a Bride.

These guys are having a kid, y’all.

Josh and I dropped quite the Facebook bomb yesterday, announcing my pregnancy (4 months and counting!) to the interwebs. It’s been torture keeping this a secret, but we’re thrilled to share the news. More than a few close friends, whom we told earlier, had the same initial question after the congratulations and hugs:

“So, is your site turning into a mommy blog now?”

In case you are now wondering the same thing, the answer is a solid no. This shall remain a wedding blog (for now), but I have other big things in the works for the months to come. Will I write about this slowly-forming bump in my middle from time to time? Probably. It’s hard to ruminate on weddings and marriage and love without thinking about babies from time to time, especially when you have one growing inside of you. But I will remain your destination for all things related to the fact that you were born to be a bride.

Let’s start this Monday off with a little nod to our life partners. Meeting and falling in love with my bashert was blessing enough. To carry his child is an honor I never knew if I would be lucky enough to enjoy. I am grateful every day for the man who will be this little angel’s father. Hug your boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancee, husband, wife, or whomever that special person is extra tight — whenever you can. This is a truly beautiful life, and we’re lucky to be living it — no matter what stage we find ourselves in at this moment.

Thank you all for the love!


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