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New Mom Fashion with Pink Blush

This post originally appeared on our old blog, Born to be a Bride.

If you’ve been following for a while, or recently have had a chance to glance back at some of my pregnancy fashion posts, you might remember Pink Blush Maternity. I discovered the brand while pregnant and searching for cute, affordable pieces that made me feel like myself. It never even dawned on me until I made one of my final purchases from them, an awesome maternity/nursing top, that many of these looks would still work after I gave birth.

And work they do. My black fleece-lined leggings are still in the weekly rotation, despite being maternity. And I practically lived in my PBM full-panel black skinny pants for several weeks after the baby came. They made me feel like I was still a human (in real clothing!) as my body took the time it needed to heal and adjust to life post-bump. If you’re pregnant now, bounce on over to the site and scope the adorable looks they have on offer this season (many are currently on sale), and if you’re not, I’m pleased to let you know that Pink Blush has a whole women’s line that’s non-maternity. Here’s some from my latest haul:


Whether you’re b-feeding or not, it’s important to have comfy, stretchy tops on hand for the postpartum months. I wore this awesome pullover from the women’s line on Sunday. I love how it’s slimming in loose-fitting black knit, and features some girly detailing down the front. Plus, there’s plenty of stretch to accommodate for nursing on the run.Willow gets pretty fussy if I can’t feed her the minute she decides it’s time, but I don’t always want to be in a nursing top.


📷Willow’s playsuit is by Pennymeade.

And for actual nursing/maternity gear, this basic brown dress is everything. I adore the elegant draping in the front that makes feeding Wills a breeze but doesn’t have the complicated clips or hideous design flaws that so many nursing dresses do. I opted for brown as a change of pace, but it also comes in a really pretty pink. This is a great option for brunch, errands, or anything else you’d wear a super-comfortable dress for. It’s also seasonless thanks to the light material — you can add black tights and boots as I did here to winterize it, or wear with bare legs and ballet flats in spring or even summer. I’m definitely planning to buy every other color they make this one in. (I may or may not stalk the site daily for new hues…)

To wind down our sweet weekend, fun fleece leggings were the answer. I honestly expected them to look bulky because they’re so soft, but by some wonder of construction, they totally flatter. These were the perfect non-black legging choice for our at-home Grammy viewing party, complete with a post-nursing glass of red wine and a heaping plate of Greek salad and fries. Find them here, or shop the other colors and patterns. For a girl who wears too much black, it was fun stepping out of the daily go-to’s with these. $31.

Admittedly, I got one other item… a fantastic navy romper from the women’s collection that I’m saving for our upcoming trip to Dallas this weekend. I can’t wait to devote an entire post to that one next week — it’s sporty and adorable without being inappropriate for a mommy to wear. The buttons make it easy for nursing, and it dresses up or down easily.

Happy shopping!


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