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New Beginnings (Or: Holy Sh*t, We're Moms!)

This post originally appeared on our old blog, Born to be a Bride.

I took several days off from blogging, not because I necessarily wanted or planned to, but because life just sort of got busy this week. I’ve hired a part-time babysitter to help out with Willow so I can do my work like a normal, functioning at-home working parent and not on these fly-by-the-hour nap periods. It’s only Week One, but so far, all so very good!

And yet the day the sitter started, we began working on two new teeth, our Internet went down, the apartment was a wreck, and (in better news!) a new person joined our family. So, I spent the morning cuddling and cleaning. When the sitter was here, I raced all around Jersey City trying to find an outlet and a WiFi connection to get an article in and a Baby Gap to pick up some gendered gifts.


📷Whipped up this little “I <3 Henry” ensemble in the morning. Feel free to check me out on Etsy and message me there about customs.

Yesterday, Willow and I made the journey to Connecticut with a bag of full diapers and spiffy new duds to meet the sweetest little man in world history — Henry Rose Frey Studenroth. To protect his privacy and the rights of his parents to decide when and how his image is shared online, I won’t do that today. But I think it’s okay to tell you that he was born exactly 7 pounds of pure perfection, long and skinny like a little bird. He has serious, steady blue eyes and a pretty full head of stick-straight strawberry-blond hair. His parents, needless to say, are absolutely smitten.


Wills was a little confused when she caught me holding him for about five minutes, but it was worth it for the newborn cuddles. Super-cute!

Allie (AKA Pookie), my best and dearest friend, and now sister, was propped up in bed with her new son in her arms and I sat beside her in a chair, my own baby in mine. We posed for a picture. My proud, handsome big brother cued up the camera and we took a few that were immediately deleted before getting the right angle. We turned to look at each other, and the kids, with eyes that were full of years of jokes and a few new tears.

I’ve loved my little Willow for almost nine months now, but never did the reality hit so profoundly as when I saw my partner in crime now crossed over:  “Holy shit,” I said. “We’re moms.” And so, a new era has begun… 

(As seen above, someone was very certain to make sure her aunt and uncle are still hopelessly devoted to her).


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