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Maternity Fashion: 34 Week Baby Bump with Pink Blush Maternity

This post originally appeared on our old blog Born to be a Bride.

I’ve gushed before about my love of Pink Blush Maternity, and as we move steadily toward the end of this pregnancy and Mama is feeling more and more tired and large, the importance of cute clothes has only grown. Even though my bump didn’t solidly appear on the scene till six months in, I had a ton of summery stuff at the ready. It didn’t really process that the time I’d most need maternity duds for would be when cooler temps started to hit. So, I recently stocked up on some favorite fall finds from Pink Blush and I couldn’t be happier with my choices.

A lot of the jeans I’ve tried worked really well in the earlier phases of pregnancy when I was just a bit thicker in the middle. But now that I have a full-on bump, I feel much more comfortable in a full-panel style. This dark washed pair was a big hit with Josh, who thought they were my trusty Levi’s I was wearing at least twice a week pre-preggo. “How are you wearing those?” he exclaimed, clearly missing his old faves. I’m thrilled that I’ll have these to carry me through the rest of my pregnancy in comfort and style, and I’ll probably be wearing them afterward for at least a few weeks as I wait for the bump to deflate.

Here, I paired the Dark Wash maternity skinny jeans with a color-block sweater. Try a look like this with your favorite flats or dress it up slightly as I did with Tory Burch wedges and my LV Speedy. And yes, poor Harry has been gifted a new leash since that photo was taken. It took seeing it next to my chic outfit, in print, to realize how shabby his only accessory had gotten.

Bag: Pierre Hardy; Shoes: Tory Burch

Now that Baby G’s arrival is just around the corner, I’ve been thinking a lot about transitional pieces in addition to straight-up maternity. I plan to spend my entire fall and winter in this outfit — and you should, too. The maternity/nursing top comes in a ton of colors and falls effortlessly over the bump in the softest material. The top opens easily for nursing and is well-lined, so I’ve gone sans bra here. I have a feeling Little Miss Gerson will appreciate Mama in this top as her cries for food will be answered immediately!

The fleece-lined leggings are a miracle product, and I’d have bought these even if I wasn’t pregnant. Soft and cozy throughout, with an inside that feels like sweatpants but no bulking from the outside, these are sure to become a cold-weather favorite. The waistband sits comfortably with no pinching for a fit that works now and will hold up post-baby too. I suggest investing in at least two pairs.


For another take on the black-on-black angle, try these basic pants from PBM. They’re so stretchy and comfortable, you’ll swear you’re wearing leggings, but with back pockets and side seams, they’re decidedly work-and-play appropriate. Here I’ve paired the same nursing top (plus bra!) with the Black Maternity Pants and a pair of Missoni flats. Lusting after the necklace? That’s Pink Blush, too, and I also got the matching earrings. Sorry, Josh!


I find that adding punchy accessories can make you feel a lot better about the beach ball you’re carrying under your top. I typically tend to wear very small and minimalistic jewelry, but a chunky necklace like this one can balance things out, and I’m absolutely loving it with the bump. Check out more ridiculously cute (and affordable!) Pink Blush jewelry options here. Happy shopping, pretty girls!

*These photos were taken on the rooftop of an apartment building in Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia. Unless otherwise stated, outfit photographs are shot by my husband Josh Gerson.


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