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Maid of Honor: The Superwoman of Weddings - Duties, Do's and Don'ts

Step inside Maid of Honordom - where your superpowers will be put through the paces at bridal showers, bachelorette parties and dress fittings alike! Here's a helpful guide on how you can wear your Maid of Honor sash with elegance and grace!

Duties of a Maid of Honor

In wedding parlance, the Maid of Honor serves as the bride's right-hand woman - think of her as Robin for all your Batman needs! Here's a brief rundown of their duties:

  • Pre-wedding Planner Extraordinaire: From dress fittings, venue scouting and sending wedding invitations to planning the bachelorette party and bridal shower. The bridal shower venue and the decorations will reflect her organizational skills. She serves as the bride's go-to person throughout. Keep in mind: the best parties reflect her taste rather than that of their planner!

  • Wedding Day Warrior: On the big day, this person ensures everything runs smoothly by holding the bride's bouquet during ceremonies, helping with dress fitting and veil assistance, and offering moral support when pre-wedding nerves strike.

  • Post-Wedding Wind-Down: She can help with post-wedding tasks like returning rentals or sending thank-you notes, after the celebration has concluded.

Just remember, being a Maid of Honor goes far beyond wearing an elegant gown and carrying a bouquet; it means being there as an anchor of support during wedding planning's rollercoaster ride.

The Do's

Welcome to the Land of 'Yes! ', where a Maid of Honor proudly dons her superwoman cape and dives headfirst into a wedding's madcap madness!

  1. Do Be the Bride's Backbone: When emotional support is required for the bride-to-be, your role becomes invaluable. While she might experience nerves before her big day arrives, you are her rock.

  2. Do Keep Your Bride Hydrated and Fed: In all the chaos surrounding a wedding day, ensure your bride has enough water and snacks at her fingertips to prevent fainting situations from occurring.

  3. Do Become an Artist of Disguise: As Maid of Honor, you serve a dual role: you are both mind reader and peacemaker - not to mention personal assistant and fairy godmother! Put those adaptive muscles to use!

  4. Do Have an Emergency Kit Ready: Wardrobe malfunctions, makeup smudges and sudden headaches can strike at any time - having an emergency kit with essential items like safety pins, makeup touch-up products for touch ups, tissues and pain relievers can be lifesaving in an unexpected emergency situation.

Remember, in Maid of Honordom, true superpower lies not simply in fulfilling duties from a checklist but going the extra mile to make the bride's special day unforgettable.

The Don'ts 

Welcome to "No-No Land," the flip side of being an outstanding Maid of Honor! Below are a few things that should be avoided during your mission of making sure everything runs smoothly for the bride on her big day:

  1. Don't Overshadowing the Bride: Keep in mind that this day belongs to her, not you! Keep the focus on her throughout your speech, dress selection or actions taken on that special day.

  2. Don't Forget Your Own Budget: While it is certainly enjoyable to go above and beyond when planning a wedding, do not go into debt in doing so. Be honest about what is affordable.

  3. Don't Let the Stress Get to You: It can be easy to become overwhelmed by all the details surrounding a celebration; remember it is meant to be enjoyable! Schedule time for yourself and keep having fun throughout this process!

  4. Don't Neglect Other Bridesmaids: As leader of your bridal party, it is your duty to set the atmosphere. Make sure all bridesmaids feel included and included when planning and making decisions and ensure all members of the group feel valued and included.

Navigating through all the dos and don'ts may seem intimidating, but keep this in mind: your goal should be to ensure the bride has an enjoyable and stress-free wedding experience. Don't take yourself too seriously: she chose you for this job after all!

Being a Maid of Honor can be an immense privilege and responsibility - yet also an incredible source of fun! Don't panic though; know that every bride needs her superhero, and that you are definitely that!


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