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Little Red (Maternity) Dress

When I was about 15 minutes pregnant, I went on Gilt to stock up as I had just quit my full-time job and had one paycheck left. I wanted to treat myself to something pretty that I’d save for the more advanced months, and I found this hot Momo Maternity little red dress. I tried it on in month five, when my middle was squishy but I was still able to wear my regular pants. It looked bizarre. So imagine my excitement when the well-formed bump finally filled it out in a cute way, just in time for my birthday!

I spent the day off the computer and email, alerting all clients in advance that I’d be unreachable. Sometimes, a gal just needs the day to decompress. In the morning, I headed to Starbs for my free misto, then I did yoga and headed to the town over for a mani/pedi. This was the first time in at least three or four years that I’ve sat in a pedicure chair reading a BOOK instead of my text messages, emails, and blog feed. What a treat! I am definitely going to try to do that more often. Why “relax” if you’re not really relaxing?

After nails it was home for lunch. I spent the rest of the afternoon scrapbooking wedding outtakes and paper goods with season 4 of Sex and the City on in the background. That’s what I call a perfect day!

Josh and I met in Bethesda early that evening to sign the lease on our new apartment (!). We are so excited to get in there and have so much extra space, a beautiful new home in a safe and lively neighborhood, and the perfect nursery for our little one. Just thinking about it gets me weepy. After signing the lease and going upstairs to check it out for the millionth time, we hid from an out-of-nowhere monsoon for about ten minutes before walking over to dinner.

We had dinner at Jaleo, an incredible tapas spot in Bethesda. For dessert, we shared the signature flan decked out with a candle. With everything Josh has done for me lately, I truly wasn’t expecting a gift and my heart melted when I read his card over dinner. But when we got home, he disappeared into our guest room and came out with two small boxes — one for me, and one for “us.”

I opened the “me” first and inside to my absolute shock was a pair of beautiful diamond stud earrings. I’ve always wanted diamond studs but never thought to ask — I can’t believe that I am finally “grown-up” enough to have them. In the second box, for “us” was a tiny pair of diamond studs for our little girl. I was so overwhelmed my Joshs’ generosity, creativity, and sweetness, I could hardly find the words. It was a full thirty minutes before I even worked up the gumption to put the earrings on.

One day, I’ll tell my daughter all about my 30th birthday and how she was in my tummy so Daddy made it extra-special by getting us matching gifts. The thought has crossed my mind to go ahead and get her ears pierced right in the hospital, but I’ll think we’ll wait till she’s a little older. Either way, this was the best gift ever, and I’ll cherish the memories of our beautiful night forever! What a way to kick-off a decade.


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