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From Sodden to Sparkling! The 7 Little Things That Can Elevate Your Bathroom Style

The most difficult aspect of upgrading a bathroom is to do with those major practicalities. If you want more light in the space, you've got to take out a window or if you want a more powerful shower, you've got to make expensive upgrades that will impact the cost of your plumbing as well as the shower. But the fact is that you don't necessarily need to upgrade your bathroom from the inside out. There are things you can do to upgrade your bathroom and make it look more stylish without breaking the bank. So let's show you some ways that can make a difference.

Fixing the Floor

While you could opt for one of the many tile installers companies out there to upgrade the floor, the question is more about how much space you really have. If it's a small bathroom, it can be relatively cheap to upgrade with tiles. But if this is not in your budget, you can upgrade your bath mats. Changing your tired and sodden bath mat to something more luxurious that's Persian or Turkish has beautiful colors and will add more personality. In fact, Persian rugs tend to get better as they fade in color, which is partly due to the tightly woven fibers.

A Space for Seating

It might not be feasible in a bathroom so small, and besides, when you've already got a throne of sorts in your bathroom, why would you want to add another seat? However, if you've got the space, you can take a leaf out of every high-end bathroom on the planet and have a simple stool or ottoman in the corner. This is a very straightforward addition that can do a lot for how you utilize the space. For example, if you spend more time in the bathroom doing your nails or your grooming, rather than sitting on the toilet seat you will have an alternative throne to make the most of.

A Stylish Mirror

Part of the problem many people have when it comes to upgrading their bathroom is not putting as much emphasis on the quality of the space. Because the bathroom is more functional than anything else, this is why so many people choose cheap mirrors from a local hardware store. Instead, you can opt for a mirror that has more personality and flair. Choosing the right mirror for your bathroom involves finding something with more vintage or antique detailing, size, and quirky shapes, it doesn't have to be a rectangular square or a boring circle. And while mirrors can be expensive, you can always browse thrift stores or flea markets to find stylish, yet affordable options.

Installing Copper and Brass

If you are in the budget to upgrade your faucets and fixtures, brass and copper are one step up from chrome. A lot of bathrooms utilize chrome, but if you are trying to stylize your bathroom in a specific way, but you don't have the finances, opt for the little things. A brass soap dish or mirror may very well do the trick. Copper and brass are very popular, which is why if you can afford to upgrade your faucets, this will do a lot.

Hanging Your Towels

A very simple thing, but it can be very effective. A great lesson from interior designers is always about where things go. A towel can make a bathroom look incredibly messy, and if you are tossing your towels over radiators or draping them over the bath, install a towel ring or hook for the bathrobe, and this can make a big impact on how the room looks. When in doubt, you've got to declutter.

Changing the Lighting

There are plenty of lighting options out there that don't cost the earth. But amazingly, overhead lighting is overlooked in a bathroom. If you've moved into a new property, you might not have the opportunity to upgrade your lighting for some time. You can upgrade your fixtures, like a chandelier hanging over the bathtub, by yourself without needing to get a contractor to install it.

Flowers and Potpourri

As obvious as it sounds, you use flowers to brighten up your living room, so why don't you do this for your bathroom as well? You could use real flowers or fantastic fake ones that look like the real thing, but you can also go for potpourri. Over years it’s become old hat in many bathrooms, but it can immediately elevate a space and add a little bit of color to an otherwise dull and drab location.


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