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Family Night: It's All Up For Grabs

There is nothing as fun as family night when your kids get a little older. Sitting together and knowing that your children are now at the stage of engaging in a little friendly competition? That's just priceless for a parent!

You must ensure that your children find time with you exciting and as a way to create memories. It’s these small moments with them that are going to define their future. It’ll be the family nights you spend laughing together that will stick with them and make them come up with the “do you remember the time” moments you’ll all have. The question is how you want to spend the family night - there are so many options when it comes to family night, and you can all have a hand in deciding the activities that you do. So, let’s take a look at some of the most popular family night ideas for you and your children.

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What was your family game night as a child? Recreate those moments at home!

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Game Night

It’s popular, it’s competitive, and it’s suitable for all ages. You can indulge in card games like Black Jack when they’re teenagers, or games like Twister when they’re young. If you want them to learn a little something while they play, you can use a word scrambler during Scrabble! There are so many choices when it comes to games on game night, and you and get their input - especially if you’re dealing with teenagers.

Movie Night

Snacks and snuggles on the sofa? Yes, please! Take it in turns to choose a movie each week, and everyone can feel like they’ve been heard. You can also start the fun by using these recipes to make your own popcorn flavorings. Your children may well fall asleep on the sofa, but that doesn't mean that you can’t have an exciting movie night! All it means is that they will be carried like magic to bed!

Cooking Challenge

A great way to teach your children how to cook is to host a cooking challenge. Every week, take it in turns to come up with a meal for the whole family and your children will be thrilled to be involved in the cooking. If you’re nervous, it’s time to let go a little and give them a chance to cook you something delicious. It’s an excellent way to share duties together and get cooking!

Outdoor Sports

Whether you indulge in a family game of basketball or you have a bucket of water balloons each, running and competing together outside is a lot of fun. Don’t take these moments for granted; the children are going to remember slamming you with water balloons for years!

Family night is going to give your family memories for years to come. If you indulge when they’re young enough and keep the tradition alive for years, then you’re going to have happy kids who look forward to spending time with you every week. These moments are precious - don’t miss out on them when they’re young and they’ll remember when they’re old.