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Designing Your Ultimate Master Bedroom Space

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

There are many perks to becoming a homeowner, but one of them is being able to design your household exactly how you like it. That said, it’s a mistake to think you need to design every single room perfectly right now. Often, a household is a work in progress, and it’s fun to implement new designs or additions over the months and years. After all, tastes change, and sometimes it’s nice to see how your home will take on the character of your family taste over time.

Of course, you can also be enjoyably indulgent with your home design if you want to be. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the bedroom space, where enjoying fantastic investments like a sizeable Wyoming king bed or lighting the space with the most thematic ambience can work wonders for your comfort.

In this post, then, we’ll discuss a few fantastic steps you can take to design this space in the best possible way. With a little care, you’re sure to get the most out of this area.

Ventilation & Air Quality

Of course, opening a window is often enough to let fresh air in. But if you live in an urban environment or you simply wish to help the bedroom area feel as fresh and crisp as possible, nothing beats a great air purifier with a brand-new HEPA filter. This can help remove the positive ions from the space (often caused by electronics), as well as filter out dust, pet hair, and even pollution if your window opens out near a road. This can be especially useful if you experience any respiratory issues that are more pronounced at night. Of course, good ventilation also counts here, as having part of your HVAC system installed in your bedroom for temperature moderation can make even the least comfortable, sweaty humid nights easier to deal with.

Perfecting Your Storage

Your bedroom doesn’t have to be perfectly tidy 100% of the time to be comfortable, after all, you might have an Amazon package box here, a pile of laundry there, and perhaps your child’s toys after they decided to use your bedroom floor as a pirate ship ocean. But having the proper storage elements in play can go a long way in keeping the space well-cared for.

This might include stored pullout boxes, easy pullout storage drawers under the bed, hanking and wall storage areas, and of course, healthy use of shelving. Night tables with drawers at either side of the bed can go a long way to providing the comfort you need also. Just make sure to expand your storage space as you need them, as having way too much space impacting on the natural navigability on the room can sometimes limit the area too much.

Luxuries & Comforts

Luxuries and comforts are yours to play with in that space, and they can change over time. For example, you might realize how comfortable long maternity pillows are during your pregnancy, enough to make them a staple in the bedroom when you need to relax with an ergonomic positioning.

Alternatively, you can invest in great upgrades like memory foam mattresses and pillows, as these naturally adapt to your body contour, giving you the support you need. Of course, all of this can depend on your needs - remote-controlled raised orthopaedic beds can be fantastic for those who need a little more support in the right way, assisting with mobility issues.

It’s also nice to have little trimmings around the space depending on how you like them. Soothing artwork, candle holders, incense sticks, and more can provide you the ambience you’re looking for.

Media & Entertainment

Now, we’re willing to bed outside of the usual lie-in, you probably won’t spend that much time in bed except for sleeping. Some people believe having a television in the bedroom is not necessary, and of course, that’s totally valid.

It can be nice to have a few focal points of comfort, however. For example, if you’re sick then having a television show to watch, or having a good speaker system to listen to calming zen music can feel so much more enjoyable to deal with.

You don’t have to go overboard, of course. You may have a brand-spanking-new 4K television in your living room but opt for a simple model and even an old DVD player in your bedroom. You get to decide what’s important to you here - but remember, being as offline as possible is often healthiest for good relaxation.

With this advice, you’re certain to design your ultimate master bedroom space with some essential principles to benefit from.


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