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Creating A Designer Living Space On A Budget

Does designer decor always have to cost an arm and a leg? Not in our opinion! There’s a lot you can do with only a few dollars and items like sample paint pots. And with these materials, you can invoke a designer look that’s really the most affordable decor you’ve ever invested in! So, if you want to create a designer living space on a budget using just a few creative hacks, we’ve listed some of the most effective down below. 

Invest in Unusual Lamps

An unusual lamp is not quite a center piece, but they do bracket a lovely statement piece that looks or feels designer. And when you want to create a luxury or designer looking room on a budget, the lighting is going to matter a lot! 

Shop around vintage or thrift stores to find the best options here; you might be able to pick up some pink flamingo or yellow lemon lamps for cheap, which will definitely be welcome in this designer looking space! 

Choose a Central Statement Piece

This is probably where you’re going to use the bulk of your budget, and for good reason! Buying a statement piece you can stick in the center of a room, such as a table or credenza from Geology Studio, will help to draw focus to the flow of the space. 

Not only that, but it’ll help inform the design choices around it. You can buy one slightly more luxury piece and let it do most of the heavy lifting, then use it as inspiration for the rest of the decor it shares the room with. 

Use Wallpaper for a Feature Wall

Worried about the cost? One roll of wallpaper is all you need here, so you won’t have to blow big money on any designer wallpaper! You just need to find a patterned type you like, that’s interesting to look at and a little unusual to take in. 

Then pick a wall where not much else is going on, put up your wallpaper, and then think about other items to add to your new feature wall. What can you put up here? Well, some shelves you’ve knocked together yourself, a few hand-made vases or bowls, and some bright wood frames to put your most special pictures in. 

Layer Your Soft Furnishings

Finally, make sure you’ve got a lot of blankets and cushions available! Of course, only in rooms where you’re going to be sitting or sleeping, but even in the kitchen you can layer up rugs on the floor. 

Whatever you choose, make sure your soft furnishings are of different shades, but in the same color palette or tone. This way you’ll add some dimension to your space, in a designer focused way, that’ll look expensive without actually being so. 

A budget doesn't have to hold your space back! If you want to invoke a designer look within your home, all you have to do is shop right and then pair it together. 


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