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Interior Tweaks To Make Your Home Feel And Look Bigger

Sometimes our homes can feel much smaller than they are due to a lack of interior design planning or knowledge.

Taking on some simple tips and tricks can completely transform your space and make it feel and look bigger in no time at all.

Hence, here are some simple interior tweaks to increase the look and feel of your home.

A bathroom transformation

The bathroom will likely be one of the smallest rooms in the house. Making it feel and look as big as possible is useful as it is a room that you spend a lot of time in.

A simple way to transform your bathroom is through a shower remodel, which will help you feel like you are having a spa experience at home every single day. You could swap out an old shower or bathtub for a walk-in shower and have that hotel/spa experience every morning and night when you fancy a scrub.

Add more mirrors

Adding more mirrors around the home is a great way to create the illusion that your home is bigger. Mirrors help to bounce natural light around a space. Hence, all day you can enjoy more spaciousness and light.

It is quick and easy to add more light to your home while making your rooms more functional. You could add large mirrors to the walls, small mirrors to your sides, or even mirrored objects. Any mirrored object will maximize the look and feel of a space.

Only have furniture that you use

Having too much furniture in your home can quickly eat up your space. If you realize that you have extra chairs or a coffee table that you never use, then taking these items out of your home will help to free up space.

You might find it difficult to part with furniture. If you don’t want to get rid of it, then it can be a good idea to upcycle it so that you can start to make more use of it and not let it hinder your space any longer.

Hang things on the walls

Should you notice that you have artwork or mirrors leaning up against the wall and taking up too much floor space, which could be used for something more convenient, then why not hang them up on the wall?

That way, you can still make use of those things but not let them hinder your floor space. Hanging things on the walls can create an illusion and make a small room feel bigger.

Place wall decorations high

Speaking of wall decor, if you are going to hang things on the walls, then it is always a good idea to place them as high as possible.

The higher you place a wall decoration, the taller your room will feel. Make sure not to place it too high as it might look strange. But, placing it high enough to accentuate the height of the room will offer the illusion of a bigger room.

Open the floor plan

There are two ways to open the floor plan to maximize the look and feel of your home.:

First, you could pay more money and knock down walls to create an open floor plan. Fewer walls will always guarantee to make your home feel bigger and more spacious.

Or, you could choose the affordable option and simply clear things out of the way that hinders the floor space. For instance, you might have things blocking a doorway and, therefore, be a nuisance every time you enter and exit a room. This can hinder space and cause frustration. Hence, simply opening up the floor space and moving things into a more convenient space will make your rooms feel bigger and more convenient.

Get rid of the clutter

As well as getting rid of unused furniture, it will also help to maximize your space if you get rid of the clutter. Getting rid of things is all well and good. But, you shouldn’t leave things lying around on the floor or sides, as this will still hinder your space.

Once you have relieved the home of everything you don’t use, then think about adding more storage space. It will ensure that you can keep your home tidy at all times and take advantage of a home that looks and feels bigger.

Decorate with softer and lighter hues

No matter if you are someone that enjoys bold interior design, it will never do your home any favors when it comes to opening up the space.

Hence, it is a great idea to decorate with softer and lighter hues. Switching the dark red walls for creams or whites can make a room feel fresher and much more spacious. Likewise, choosing to add decorative pieces that are lighter in color will also have the same effect.

If you are someone that enjoys quirky and bold colors, then it would benefit your home if you paint with lighter colors and use your quirky pieces for decoration.

Use glass pieces

As well as using mirrored objects to maximize your space, it will also work the same if you use glass. Glass tables, chairs, and more can help light pass through the object, which will help light flow around a room.

Both materials can be difficult to keep clean. But, they will help to open up your room and make it appear bigger.

Add little lights everywhere

Although you might think about tweaking your home to make it feel bigger in the daytime, it will also help if you add features that will help your home feel and look bigger in the evening too.

Hence, it is a good idea to add lights everywhere. Adding small lights in every room will make the room feel more spacious. Ensure that they are not too bright as it will feel forced. Instead, you could add lights under the cabinets and up the stairs to make your home feel subtly brighter and hence, more spacious.


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