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Born to be a Bride: Meet the Team (Circa Jan 2015)

After my post on Born to be a Bride, "They Should've Warned Me" went viral in January of 2015, I started getting messages from all over the world and set up this little post with some more information on our family! It's bittersweet to look back on since we've lost our sweet Dolce kitty since then, and now have added another beautiful baby girl, Marigold!

I had a really cute post ready to go for today on some of my favorite custom tees. But the shop — which makes everything to order — is currently closed to fulfill V-Day orders, so I’m keeping it in “Drafts” until it’s possible for y’all to go get your own. Well, here we are on a Thursday morning and my delicious girl had me up till 2:30 and then again at 7. With nothing else prepared, I decided to do a short post introducing you to the team of crazies that make this blog a thing.

When I started born to be…, it was simply a creative outlet for sharing the highs and lows of planning my wedding from Brooklyn and then Dallas. But as I moved from bride to wife, and now mommy, the support system in this home has encouraged me to keep it going. Here are my peeps (in order of when we met):

Dolce, known as “Dale.” Chief Snuggling Officer, est. 2010 Makes zero apologies about the timing or convenience of his affectionate body slams. Is comfortable interrupting a nursing session — or anything — to get some human contact. Has been caught in the lap of a cable guy. Has never once hidden under the bed in response to a visitor. His name means “sweet,” so none of this is a surprise. But consider yourself warned should you enter BTBAB HQ wearing black.


Josh, known as “Hunzy.” (or in moments of panic, HUN!) Chief Muckety Muck, est. 2010 His catchall title sums it up. Head designer. Chief marketing dude. Listener to all complaints. Tech figure-it-outer. He started it all by putting a ring on things. He also bought me a laptop as my push present, knowing that once the babe arrived, there would be no more sitting at a desk all day to write. Recently, his shoulders have proven quite useful for hanging my weary head upon. With more readers comes more criticism, more painful words from strangers. I’m so lucky to have my biggest fan beside me.


Harry, known as “Krish.” Head of Security, est. 2012 Hails from the streets of Dallas. Is known to sit bolt upright for entire car trips from DC to New York, just in case. Lets no one into HQ without an extensive sniff test. Parents, friends, and neighbors — beware. He won’t bite you, but he’ll growl like a maniac if he feels you’re getting too close to the baby. Follows me around the apartment to guard the doorway of every room I enter. Also happens to be the sweetest dog I’ve ever met. Just don’t cross him.


Willow, known as “Gigi.” Chief Inspiration Officer, est. 2014 This little squirt is an endless source of joy. Watching her grow in the last two months has been so incredible and rewarding. I always dreamed of what it might be like to have a little girl, and I have to say, it’s tops. Sure, there are late nights, explosive poops, and inconsolable tantrums. But when Willow smiles, my whole heart melts. She is our inspiration to be better people, to do more good in the world, to work our asses off, and to set aside time to play. At the end of the day, isn’t that what it’s all about?


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