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3 Simple Ways To Create A Feature For Your Living Room

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Home design tips from the pros at our Our Life in Rose Gold lifestyle blog team!

Our living rooms are the spaces where we can take a load off, kick off our shoes after a hard day at work, and relax on the sofa in front of the TV as we watch our favorite box set. It’s all too easy to become complacent with our living room, the comfy furniture and the plush carpet. While these living spaces used to be the hub of our homes, they are now being swapped in favor of large open plan kitchen dining spaces. However, don't neglect your living room. This can be your cozy little haven where you can chill out. Living rooms need a feature to bring them alive. If your home decor hasn’t given your living room the feature it deserves, read on to discover how you can create one.


The number one feature in any living room is the fireplace. These used to be mid century gas monstrosities. If you have one of these lingering in your home, rip it out and swap it for a sleek modern equivalent. The latest fireplaces can have marble surrounds or even be holographic in design. Or you could contact a stone manufacturer for a natural looking stone surround. Alternatively, if you live in a period home, the Victorian cast iron tiled fireplace could be refreshed and brought back to original condition with a bit of TLC. Or perhaps a wood burner is more your style, especially if you have a cottage style pad that aches to be snug and cozy.

Above your fireplace, consider putting up one of the many glass home mirrors available. You could opt for a beveled antique original, or perhaps a classic timeless design is more your style. From the ornate to the simplistic, your mirror can exude your own personality.


If you are a big fan of all things vintage, why not make your furniture the feature of your room. Rather than heading to the national showrooms, consider venturing to thrift shops and auction houses instead, Here, you will find reasonably priced Danish inspired tile topped coffee tables, 1960s Ercol chairs and mid century G Plan sofas. With a touch of retro, your living room will be unique. Putting together an eclectic mix of tables, chairs, sofas and lighting can result in a one of a kind living space that no one else can emulate. This is great for those people who don’t like to follow trends.


If you are a big fan of art, why not consider painting your living room walls white and having a gallery wall. You can start an art collection by purchasing what you like. Don’t opt for the most famous or sought after artists if you aren’t a big fan of their work. Go for paintings and sculptures that enrich your life. Perhaps you love photography and street art. Consider heading to your local gallery and picking up some original prints and limited edition signed engravings to add a touch of class to your living room.

Living rooms don’t have to be generic boxes that we merely exist in. Instead, follow this guide, add a feature to your room, and enjoy living in an inspiring and relaxing space.


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