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Our Starry Night — Custom Art for Your Most Important Moments

As a family and wedding blogger, I’m always looking for the best and coolest new things to feature and bring to my readers — and my home, of course. This is why I was totally thrilled when artist Jennifer Beck contacted me to collaborate on a piece with these breathtaking custom star maps.

Beck’s star prints are created according to the date and location of your milestone event, whether that’s your wedding, birth of a child, night you met, etc. The print features the night sky as it appeared on that date in that location, recreating your special moment to cherish forever.

With our five-year anniversary fast approaching (WHAT!), I was so excited to unroll this custom print with our very own night sky from September 7th, 2013 on Westhampton Beach. You can add any text to yours; I chose “Married by the Sea” because it’s part of a phrase I utilized in all of my wedding planning and pinning —

I love him and he loves me // We’ll be married by the sea

I don’t know how many of you know this, but I actually got married barefoot! Josh and I are total beach people: our first vacations (and almost every single one since) were at a beach. We got engaged barefoot on the beach in La Jolla, sand clinging to his knee after the big moment. We honeymooned in Italy but much of the trip took place at or near coastal towns. Being by the sea with my love is one of my favorites, so this quote fits not only our wedding but our life together.

The star map was easy to dress up with a $10 frame from Target and bing — instant corner! I actually was inspired by hanging this print to change up our entire living room. We turned this end table to make it more of a showcased piece and placed photos of our wedding and newborn babies on it. I added a fun message sign that I can switch out as desired, a couple of candles and there you have it.

I love that these star maps are a unique way of commemorating your special occasions. Sure, photos are lovely, but this is a piece of art created to celebrate your life. How many opportunities do you have to do that, and at such a great price?

If you’re searching for an engagement, wedding, new mom, anniversary or other special gift, check out these star prints by Jennifer Beck with Modern Map Art. I guarantee they will add something playful and uniquely beautiful to any wall in your happy home.


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