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New City, Same Love

This post originally appeared on our old blog, Born to be a Bride.

The past week or so has been incredibly crazy with packing, final farewells, and eventually, moving from Brooklyn to Dallas. We haven’t really moved in to our new home yet, as our boxes are far behind us. But there are two ketchup packets and a plastic fork in the kitchen drawer, a Diet Dr Pepper and a diet root beer side by side in the fridge, and a TV that works. On the floor in the bedroom where no furniture resides.

It’s a strange and fascinating thing, really. Picking up and moving halfway across the country with the one you love. His first day of work was today and he was equal parts anxious and pleased; a chance to plunge in and try his hand at this exciting new opportunity, and a fear of not knowing what might happen.


On the “home” front– if one can call it that, when one is living out of a hotel room in a new city– things are good. We spent the weekend exploring our new town, eating delicious (though not diet-friendly) foods, and picking out my new car. We already have a few “places”… our Starbucks, a strange new Asian fusion restaurant that we both hate to admit to loving, and the area of railroad tracking that appeared yesterday out of nowhere and nearly got us killed as we sat, panicked, with nowhere to turn and a train coming up the rear.

We are building memories as of Day Three, and it feels wonderful. I have learned something in all of this, though it’s still new. When you go somewhere, and you push yourself, and you test your limits, you will be okay. But you will be even better for doing it with the person you love. And with that, I will go back upstairs to the apartment that is only sort-of mine for now, and I will wash my fiance’s socks and a favorite blanket of ours. And I will make a few work calls and count down the minutes until I can go retrieve him from his office in our crappy outdated rental SUV.

And life is good. In Texas or anywhere.

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