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Marry the Man Who Has Your Back

This post originally appeared on our old blog Born to be a Bride.

Yesterday I received a crushing blow to the self esteem and the first person I told was my husband. I operate in a world comprised of lace and linen, lilacs and lipsticks. This might not be a world he understood inherently, but he’s come to learn it, all for me. Hearing his reaction to my upset was the best kind of medicine — a string of strongly worded criticisms about the offender, some of them perhaps a bit unfair. Highest praise for my talents (and beauty to boot). Then a solid declaration of “F*** them.”


Alright, then, Gerson! I instantly felt better. I am not suggesting that every problem needs to be handled with an outburst. But damn did it feel amazing to have my sports-loving, finance-minded, Excel-wizard husband get his knickers in a major twist about a bridal showdown. There are many moments when life feels unfair, when the results we receive are not equal to the effort we put in. I believe that every girl deserves to find the man (or woman) who has her back no matter what. It doesn’t really matter to him if I’m right. What matters is that I come first. When you find that person who puts your first, who overreacts when other people hurt you, who tells you that you are the best and the most beautiful and more deserving than anyone — marry that person. Marry the man who has your back.

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