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Linens & Hutch: Fresh and Chic for the Home

This post originally appeared on our old blog, Born to be a Bride.


Home decor is a huge thing for us over at Casa Gerson — we like things to be calming, stylish and reflective of our taste. Room by room, Josh and I have put together a really beautiful space and I’m excited to share more of it with you this spring in a new series of decor pieces. Today, a glimpse at our bedroom.

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with a brand of bedding Linens and Hutch, and I’m so excited to have discovered this high-quality, reasonably price collection. When we first put our bedroom together, I wanted hints of purple in a sea of gray and white. But soon this look started to feel boring and drab.

Enter our new duvet and shams from Linen and Hutch, which have a touch of that femininity I wanted to weave in subtly thanks to this cool vine print. But they’re neutral enough that Josh didn’t feel overwhelmed with florals.

At only $49 for a king set, I have to be honest that I wasn’t expecting these to feel like luxury linens. But was I ever wrong! The fabric has an ultra-soft feel to it while being sturdy and holding up well in our toddler-friendly, snacking-at-midnight, catch-all zone that is our marital bed during this season of life.

Use code OURLIFEINROSEGOLD at checkout for a cool 30% off your order at Linen and Hutch — and check out the luxury line, sumptuous quilts, and everyday sheet sets while you’re in there.

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