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Kick Off the New Year With a New Clover POS System

Would you like to kick off your most successful business year yet? Invest in a new Clover POS system. Whether you work in the retail, restaurant, hospitality, health or service industry, Clover provides a safe, secure integrated point of sale system to boost your business. It has five versatile terminals to suit your varied business needs, and its product family includes Booker Clover, a software program designed for the management of salons and spas. Here's a closer look at the five terminals.

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1. Clover Station

If you require a high-performing system for your retail or restaurant space, consider the countertop Clover POS System. Its high-tech software allows you to track inventory, process payments, run reports, complete time sheets and print documents. It's a powerful system that easily handles debit and credit cards, EVM chip cards and touchless payments.

2. Clover Mini

When you work in a smaller retail or service space, Clover Mini gives you all the power of the Station with its smaller countertop footprint. From produce stands to charity shops, the Mini fits the bill and offers swipe, EMV chip and contactless payments. You can customize your Mini terminal by adding more POS capabilities and apps.

3. Clover Mobile

Whether you run a food truck or sell your creations at craft shows around the country, Clover Mobile is your best bet. It lets you cater to crowds in a hurry. Fast, secure payment processing is the hallmark of this terminal. It allows you to process credit and debit cards, chip card and near-field communication payments on its super-secure network.

4. Clover Flex

CloverFlex harnesses the power and flexibility of the handheld device. Well-suited to the restaurant and hospitality industries, it allows you to take orders, process payments and tips, get signatures and print receipts while moving around your business arena. The handheld terminal features a five-inch touchscreen, a built-in camera, a QR code scanner, and wireless 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity.

5. Clover Go

Compact and secure, Clover Go contactless reader lets you accept payments whether you're cruising around your retail space or selling your wares at regional art or antique fairs. How does it work? You plug it into your smartphone or tablet, and it accepts credit card, chip card and tap payments. Its easy-to-use and low-profile design make it perfect for your mobile or pop-up business.

Clover for Salons and Spas

For those of you managing salons and spas, check out Booker Clover. It features online booking and simplified transaction processes. Online booking allows you to better serve and connect with your customers. Simplified transaction processes can handle debit and credit card payments as well as loyalty points and gift certificates. The system also creates client records, which help you better understand your clientele and their needs.

Find Out More About Clover

Now that you've taken a closer look at Clover POS, contact a representative to find out more. An experienced representative can work with you to determine the best application of the system, from Clover Station to Booker Clover, to meet your unique business needs and goals.

This post was a collaboration contribution from author James Thumper.


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