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Five Ways the Groom Can Get Involved with Wedding Planning

There are old cliches out there from the 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond that say that the only way a wedding is planned is because of the bride and her team. By team, we of course mean her family and friends who are by her side as she married the love of her life. There is also a cliche that the only responsibility for a groom is that he shows up to his own wedding on time. Well, we don’t like this kind of patriarchal values, especially when groups can be just as involved in wedding planning as anyone else.

There are plenty of men out there who do have dreams of their own wedding day and which suits they would like their groomsmen to wear. Groomsmen suits aren't just where they begin though, because crimes can get involved in the wedding planning in so many other ways that go beyond the bachelor party. Your partner may not be interested in the florals, but here are some things that he can do.

  • Choosing and organizing the groomsmen. It’s up to the groom to select the best of the best of his friends to be his groomsmen and be by his side when he exchanges vows with you. He wants a group that is fun, responsible and means something to him and this is all his coal. He should be accountable for the groomsmen suits, and ensuring that they are informed about all things to do with the wedding including suit hire and any individual tasks. His best man is also going to be a decision that he makes, and is up to the groom to oversee all of this.

  • Taking dance lessons. Your groom could take control of where you learn to do your wedding dance, and how to dance in the first place. He’s asked you to marry him, which means he knows that there is going to be a wedding! He also knows you’re going to have a first dance in front of all of your family and friends so should be on him to ensure that he’s not going to step on your feet.

  • Writing his own vows. If you have decided to write your own vows then it’s up to your room to put the time into writing them. This shouldn’t be a copy and paste job, it should be something that comes from his heart so make sure that he understands that he needs to put the time into perfecting these. The vows should mean something to him, otherwise what’s the point?

  • Every single decision about the venue. Just because you have a dream in mind for your venue for your wedding day doesn’t mean that he doesn’t! Brides often don’t understand this – but grooms are excited about their wedding day, too. He may have some ideas about where he’d like to hold your wedding reception, or where he would like to hold the ceremony. Perhaps you’d like to be married in a church? He needs to be involved in these decisions.

  • Planning his speech. He is the groom – he needs to write his own speech.


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