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Finding Myself Again… with Bellefit (& a Discount for You!)

This post originally appeared on our old blog, Born to be a Bride.

I’ll never forget the first time I felt panicked about what my body would look like after my second pregnancy. Oddly enough, it was during my first pregnancy. I was at a routine OB appointment and asked the (female) doctor how impossible it would be to lose the weight after the baby came. She scoffed and said, “This time it’ll be easy! The second baby is the one no one comes back from.”

Ugh. I was so disappointed to hear something that unsupportive, especially since I already knew we’d want more than one child. Needless to say, when I got pregnant this time around, I was terrified… that I’d never “bounce back,” that my post-baby belly would be forever mush, that my jeans were all headed to the trash.


When I learned of an opportunity to try a Bellefit recovery corset, I jumped on it. This medical garment was developed specifically for use after C-section (but also is amazing for those who deliver vaginally!) and it works to tighten both your inside and outside post-baby. It might have seemed too good to be true, but I decided to give it a try.As soon as we returned home from the hospital on Day Four, I lay down on the bed and shimmied into mine. I chose the Bellefit Corset with two closure settings that shrinks along with you. The first few days it was definitely on the tight side but I stuck with it and was thrilled to be able to go to the smaller setting within a week. Soon enough, I could fasten it without lying on the bed at all.

I love that the Bellefit corset fits right into daily life. You can wear it and easily go about your business from Starbucks runs and laundry to breastfeeding and — haha — sleep! The other thing that blew me away was the back support. Something I needed so much in the early postpartum days, and still do now.

Two weeks into my journey with Bellefit

C-section mamas know best that the first several weeks after birth can be tough on your back. But any new mom needs extra support as her body readjusts to life without a big old bump up front. The Bellefit offers me the tightening I need in the ab area and the support my back craves, making it doubly helpful for recovery.I’m currently one month postpartum and feeling great with Bellefit. A part of me wants to find that old doctor who told me my body would never come back from my second and call her on her error! While I’m eager to get back to the gym, it’s amazing to me that at only four weeks postpartum I am fitting into most of my clothes and my midsection looks this slim with Bellefit. Everywhere I go people tell me they’re shocked or don’t believe that I’ve just had a baby.

Well… believe it! And get this amazing item for yourself or the new mom in your love. Use code 1K2J20 to take $20 off ANY Bellefit Girdle! This is an amazing offer — and a little birdy tells me that much of the inventory is currently on sale, so get on it stat for additional savings.


Here I am below NOT wearing the corset or any time of cinchers one month postpartum; this is my actual stomach now. As you can see I have just a tiny ways left to go!

Post your thoughts and success stories with Bellefit in the comments. I would love to watch your

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