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After All, Computers Crash.

This post was originally published on our old site, Born to be a Bride.

Guys!!! Not wanting to reveal my extreme sorrow, I’ve neglected to share with y’all that my computer died at the hands of a full cup of coffee last week and it took the last year-plus of memories and written word with it. As I’ve been maniacally trying to rewrite hard-drive-only saved assignments for the end of the year, and squeeze in some time to celebrate the holidays with our loved ones, things have been nuts here. Thus, the blog has experienced a lull.

Over the next week or so, I’ll be rolling fresh fashion for kiddos, home design photos (I know, I know, the nursery reveal we’ve been awaiting for six months now!), some of my top product picks for 2016, and probably a personal revelation or two.

In the meantime, I wanted to thank you each and all for making 2015 our best year yet. Motherhood is both exhausting and inspiring. I can’t believe Willow let me write a word. Each break I had to focus on the blog was cherished, but not nearly as much as were the moments I spent with her. Thank you. x


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